Brian Twomey Currency Trades


18 Weekly Currency Pairs are sent and traded weekly with specific entries and targets. Traders job is set entries and targets then literally go and enjoy weekly life outside markets.

Last week example, Short GBP/NZD 2.0271 to target 2.0007. Traded weekly highs 2.0296, Weekly lows 2.0001. From 2.0271 to 2.0007 earned 264 pips and all required was set entry and target. This is the way it works for 18 currency pairs week after week.

I’m perfect because my statistics are factored perfectly. We don’t use charts, graphs, stops nor are outside new events a concern to a currency price. Means not 1 pip of speculation is involved in my trades. This separates me from the speculative crowds. They guess, I don’t.

The stats for 12 currency pair trades are located on site. 12 pairs earns weekly easily 1000 ish pips from my stats Feb to July. This means we earn 50% of all traded pips to offer how good are trades.

Daily, 8 currency pairs are traded for interested. These trades are extra pips but a good manner to benchmark weekly trades for those following markets daily. Extra daily pairs not included in weeklies are USD/JPY and AUD/EUR however EUR/AUD remains a standard weekly pair.

A few traders are interested in extra pairs from time to time such as NOK, SEK, ZAR. I assist those traders gladly. I also assist in stock indices, commodities, VIX. Whatever is requested, I assist and those trades are just as perfect as any currency pair trade.

The monthly charge is $300 and $300 includes everything. I don’t charge for extra trades and I’m available nearly 24 /7 throughout the week for questions, comments or whatever. Most enter trades and go as weekly results are always perfect and no need for concerns.

Every now and then a trade may fall off track. Again, never a worry as we add a lot, trade to break even or continue trades to target.

I know $300 is low as many inform but the money covers the time taken to factor all trades. I actually devote much time to ensure perfection. Then comes time in daily trades as 1:30 am New York time begins day trades. Day trades are sent twice daily, 8:30 pm and 1:30 am NY.

Day trades pay about 50 pips per currency pair. On 8 currency pairs, that’s about 400 pips.

All trades run pretty much 24/7 from Sunday to Friday.


Brian Twomey, Contact:


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