Weekly Trades

EUR/USD. Watch 1.1081, above targets 1.1166 and deep caution at 1.1285 and 1.1305. Both 1.1285 and 1.1305 are dropping every week for past months.

Strategy. Long 1.1015 and 1.0994 if seen to target 1.1061. Must cross 1.1037.

Long above 1.1081 to target 1.1166. Must cross 1.1102, 1.1123 and 1.1144. Caution at vital 1.1123.

Note 1.1061 Vs 1.1081. This represents a price gray area and not touch able. Because a break of 1.1081 then EUR higher but failure then EUR much lower. Allow the market to decide the fate of 1.1081.

Certain weeks gray areas exist, other weeks price paths are clear.

Certain weeks, 2 way long and short trades offered as price paths warrant but this week, prices are unclear to 2 ways.


EUR/AUD. Watch 1.6204, below targets 1.6135, 1.6101 and 1.5923.


Strategy. Short 1.6271 and 1.6305 if seen to target 1.6213. Must cross 1.6236 and 1.6220.

Short 1.6204 to target 1.6135. Must cross 1.6169.

See gray area 1.6213 to 1.6204.

AUD/USD. Watch 0.6838 above targets 0.6874.

Strategy. Long 0.6767 and 0.6749 if seen to target 0.6824. Must cross 0.6802 and 0.6820.

Long above 0.6838 to target 0.6874. Must cross 0.6856.

Gray area 0.6824 to 0.6838.

GBP/USD. Watch 1.2741, below targets 1.2665 and 1.2588.

Short 1.2894 and 1.2932 if seen to target 1.2756. Must cross 1.2856, 1.2818 and 1.2780.

Short below 1.2741 to target 1.2665. Must cross 1.2703 and 1.2684.

See 1.2756 to 1.2741.

GBP/AUD. Watch 1.8631, below targets 1.8494.

Short 1.8973 and 1.9007 to target 1.8699. Must cross 1.8905, 1.8837, 1.8769 and 1.8701.

Brian Twomey

GBP/AUD Last Week Trade Scenarios

Last week’s Short entry at 1.8974, Target 1.8600’s first traded a 62 pip gain to 1.8912 then decided to Trade 105 pips above entry to 1.9079.


As posted, entry was below low 1.9000’s so


Actuality, overbought 1.8974 Traded to higher overbought.


My overbought / Oversold scale is not only far different statistically than the majority but actual overbought Pips was about 70 pips from low 1.9000’s.

GBPAUD Traded to 1.8894. Entry was missed but not Trade profits.

Here’s where no stops, no charts, Break even, add lot and no losses becomes demonstrated reality.


How many traders would’ve taken a loss on a higher GBPAUD, Majority.


How many Traders placed a stop in the as usual wrong place then stopped out for losses.

How many traders saw 105 pips higher as a golden free money opportunity. None.

What did Charts reveal ? God only knows for 1 picture and 10 scenarios.

Add a lot anywhere near 1.9079 result to 1.8894 was 185 pip profit.

Entry from overbought to higher overbought doesn’t matter, just enter and quickly.

Trade to break even was second reality. No losses.

How about hold Trade at 1.8974 to 1.8894 profit 80 pips.

Entry was missed, not profit,  GBCAD offered same scenario,


Brian Twomey