NOK/SEK and AUD/NZD are the exact same pair against identical exchange rate numbers. Together, both provide a double trade. NOK/SEK at current 1.0400’s provides support to USD/NOK and USD/SEK at 9.0000’s.

Both NOK/SEK and AUD/NZD are oversold, AUD/NZD is far more oversold than NOK/SEK. Both trade below 5 year averages at AUD/NZD 1.0718 and NOK/SEK approaching at 1.0487. Explains why NOK/SEK is less oversold than AUD/NZD. Its a question of distance.

Among 36 EM currency pairs, AUD/NZD and NOK/SEK exchange rates are listed at the lows. Both are located between USD/SGD at 1.3600’s and AUD/SGD at 0.9300’s. AUD/NZD shares a combination location between EM and G28. Below AUD/NZD and NOK/SEK in G28 proximate currency pairs are AUD/CAD 0.9000’s, NZD/CAD 0.8600’s and EUR/GBP 0.8400’s.

G28 currency pairs drive EM as G28 pairs contain lower exchange rate numbers and are more widely traded. Higher EM exchange rate numbers are built into the system to ensure economic viability. If G28 currency pairs crash, EM currencies won’t ever fall to Zero. EM currencies can always rebuild and trade to acceptable levels.

USD currencies were chosen today because EUR among practically every currency on the planet contains severely high and deeply dangerous Noise Levels. Thus means not only will prices not perform due to range persistence but a spark from an outside event can send EUR into wild spikes. Range persistence is quantified by extremely low variation against high noise. Only EUR pairs correct are EUR against PHP, BRL, HUF, ILS, ISK Krona, KRW, NOK, RUB, SEK and THB.

USD/RUB is offered due to a central bank meeting this week yet RUB is not only a dead issue currency pair, it falls almost into a fixed exchange rate.

USD/PLN and USD/HUF as always are not only terrific currency pairs but both trade correctly and respond perfectly to targets. USD/RON is the third to complete the trifecta.


Long 3.8539 and 3.8457 to target 3.8701. Must cross 3.8580, 3.8621 and 1.3662. Long above 3.8785 to target 3.8949. Must cross 3.8826 and 3.8867.


Long 1.0432 and 1.0395 to target 1.0543. Must cross 1.0432 and 1.0506. Long above 1.0581 to target 1.0654. Must cross 1.0694 and 1.0617.


Long 1.0325 and 1.0364 to target 1.0522. Must cross 1.0404, 1.0443 and 1.0482. Caution 5 year average at 1.0487.


Long 294.65 and 293.90 to target 298.39. Must cross 294.64, 295.38, 296.15, 296.89 and 297.63. Long above 299.14 to target 300.63. Must cross 299.88.


Long 70.19 and 70.42 to target 71.01. Must cross 70.66 and 70.89. Long above 71.12 to target 71.59. Must cross 71.36.


Long 63.67 and 63.45 to target 64.03. Must cross 63.91. Long above 64.16 to target 64.49. Must cross 64.38.


Brian Twomey

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