EM V G28 and 0 Point V 1 Point Currencies

Both markets are the exact same. Analysts present EM as if its a different market in a far away land when in fact its not true.
The difference between EM and G28 is a Currency Nation Name and exchangerate number.
G28 is the driver to EM Prices.
Certain EM Pairs may or may not move as well as G28 yet influence to G28 remains.
Of 28 Total Currencies, 9 begin with 0 Point which leaves 21 Currencies to begin with 1 Point
Eliminate 6 for AUD and NZD and USDCHF then 2 very special currency pairs exist EURGBP and CADCHF
Both designed to severely contain EUR and  GBP  and USDCAD and Currency crosses.
EUR, and GBP and  CAD represent the entire G28 Market.
Currency Prices are not designed to move because the Currency Market is a self contained market as currency Prices and Pairs are counterbalanced against each other.
0 Point currencies are not designed to trade but to forecast
EURGBP contains EUR and GBP while CADCHF contains USDCAD.
Then GBPUSD V USDCAD alone contains each other.
This stifles EM movements except those EM designed to move as follows:
ZAR, TRY, RON, HUF, PLN and question to where SEK, NOK and MXN fit yet all decent movers.
                   Brian Twomey

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