GBP Predicts GBP Currency Pairs

GBPUSD and cross pairs are terrific Currencies and forecast ability for exact entries and targets work perfectly.


Works perfectly means entries and Targets follow Statistics just beautiful.

However as much as GBPUSD and cross pairs are straight forward, couple minor steps are involved to forecast accurately.

But GBP doesn’t contain any steps remotely close to the complicated euro.

GBP Pairs fail to forecast GBPJPY yet GBPJPY is a great forecast Currency.


Best GBP Forecast Pairs  GBPCAD GBPJPY and GBPUSD

Worst GBP Forecast Pairs GBPNZD and GBPAUD

A few more minor tests yet to run for complete understanding but overall I’m satisfied to GBP price knowledge.

trading GBP Pairs alone will earn Traders big money.

I caution to those with automatic trading systems.

Not sure the need to a trade system if price knowledge is known and the Currency price is complicated against many nuances that may fail automation.


Brian Twomey