Continuing with our research to exchange rates Predict exchange rates, viewed to AUD.


The currency AUDUSD is the neutral currency Pair in the AUD Lineup.


AUDGBP at reciprocal 0.5000’s is not only the bottom currency but it lacks any fit to the AUD complex and doesn’t serve as AUD Bottom.


AUDGBP belongs exclusively in the GBP universe as exchange rate 1.8800’s to allow trading in wide ranges between GBPCAD and GBPNZD.


GBPAUD great currency but strange as a 3 pip built in deviation exists from AUDGBP to GBPAUD.


AUDUSD as neutral factors to AUDGBP but subtract AUDGBP then AUDUSD neutrality holds.


The bottom pair and most vital to AUDUSD is AUDEUR or as seen by traders as  EURAUD


The top pair? Not sure yet cause it depends what role AUDNZD serves in the AUD Complex as AUDNZD may serve as an outlier

which means AUDCAD is the top Currency. Yet speculation exists to no such concept as an outlier currency as each currency serves its vital purpose in the 28 pair line up.


Brian Twomey

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