This week’s trade theme is CAD as the second position in a currency pair. The purpose for this week’s trade concept completes ongoing research to AUD/USD and cross pairs against the predominant principle exchange rates predict exchange rate entries and targets perfectly.

Perfect to near perfect entries and targets by exchange rate forecasts eliminates 100% of trade indicators, charts, stops and all Math used as predictions. The caveat to math is only certain formulas work but calculations must align to exchange rates predict exchange rates. Market concepts such as overbought and oversold eliminates as a signal.

AUD represents the next currency in a series as work into currency pair combinations was completed in EUR, GBP and JPY. Next is NZD.

AUD/NZD as an exchange rate appears to fail inside the AUD cross pair lineup but AUD/NZD’s purpose to AUD and to NZD is its ability as a forecast currency not only to AUD pairs but to CAD pairs in the second position, particularly AUD/CAD, NZD/CAD and GBP/CAD as the top 3 currencies.

Offered against AUD/NZD is to serve the second function as a signal currency to AUD/USD and cross pairs. Overall, AUD/NZD is truly a fascinating currency pair and vital to the 28 currency pair line up.

EUR/CAD barely serves a purpose to AUD and AUD/NZD but it was added to this week’s trade theme to allow 5 currency pairs to achieve perfect to near perfect entries and targets.

Trades offered are weekly. Must cross are vital levels to cross and allow traders to watch the trade to target.


Short 1.7217 and 1.7263 to target 1.7034. Must cross 1.7217, 1.7194, 1.7171, 1.7148, 1.7125, 1.7102,1.7079 and 1.7056.
Short below 1.6988 to target 1.6896. Must cross 1.6965, 1.6942 and 1.6919.


Long 1.0313 and 1.0298 to target 1.0412. Must cross 1.0319, 1.0340, 1.0361, 1.0382 and 1.0403.


Short 0.8685 and 0.8709 to target 0.8625. Must cross 0.8661, 0.8646 and 0.8637.
Short below 0.8613 to target 0.8571. Must cross 0.8589 and 0.8577.


Long 0.8961 and 0.8954 to target 0.9006. Must cross 0.8969, 0.8984 and 0.8999.
Long above 0.9014 to target 0.9044. Must cross 0.9029 and 0.9036.


Long 1.4479 and 1.4463 to target 1.4561. Must cross 1.4495, 1.4512, 1.4528 and 1.4544.
Long above 1.4577 to target 1.4642. Must cross 1.4593, 1.4609 and 1.4625.

Brian Twomey

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