Trade Results: EUR/JPY, NZD/JPY and GBP/JPY

To highlight last week’s weekly trades for EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY and NZD/JPY, here’s trades as written and results.


Short 122.41 and 122.61 to target 121.42. Must cross 122.21, 122.02 and 121.82.

Short below 121.24 to target 120.03. Must cross 121.04, 120.84, 120.64, 120.43 and 120.23.

Long 120.03 to target 121.04. Must cross 120.22, 120.43, 120.62 and 120.81.


Dead stop 122.35 and traded to 121.42 for +93 Pips.
Short below 121.42 to target 120.03. Lows 120.40. Trade ran + 102 Pips
Total EUR/JPY 195 Pips.


Short 72.98 and 73.12 to target 71.69. Must cross 72.70, 72.41, 72.12 and 71.83.
Short below 71.59 to target 70.16. Must cross 71.30, 71.01, 70.72 and 70.43.
Long 70.16 to target 71.30. Must cross 70.44, 70.72 and 71.01


Short 72.98 achieved perfectly. Lows 71.90. Trade ran +108 Pips. However Target achieved today at 71.69.


Short 143.56 and 143.89 to target 141.21.
Must cross 143.56, 143.22, 142.88, 142.54, 142.20, 141.86 and 141.52.
Short below 140.89 to target 139.54.


Entry 143.89 traded to 144.59 or 70 pip missed entry.
As stated many times especially for GBP and any missed entry, add 1 lot.

Trade now becomes short 144.59 and 143.89 to target 141.21.

Lows 142.72. Today lows 142.07.

Trade ran +187 pips from 144.59 and +117 pips from 143.89 for a total +304 pips.

Total pips for 5 trades and 3 currency pairs +607 Pips.

Weekly Trade Explanation

Our weekly trade rules are to exit weekly trades on or by Friday so to allow for the next set of weekly trades against new entries.

Targets for the most part remain or may not remain valid as target may have to adjust by a few pips. No sense to remain in a trade with a big profit even though target failed to achieve.

With a new entry for the new week, many more profit pips becomes available and adjust target. If a target achieved then we exit.

Certain weeks, we run multiple longs and shorts. Depends on the set ups and how many profit pips are available.

As posted many times, we trade 18 currency pairs every week and we trade by exchange rate numbers. This eliminates all the dinosaur methods used by most traders such as charts, stops and 100% tools and indicators.

I understand thoroughly the price context for every traded pip and our trades, profits and methods are perfect.


Brian Twomey