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Trade Results as Posted


Short 1.7465 to target 1.7095
Highs 1.7457, Lows 1.7196
Trade runs +269 Pips


Short 1.6597 or literally any price, Target 1.6267
Highs 1.6597, Lows 1.6421
Trade Runs +176 Pips


Long 0.6439 to target 0.6623.
Lows 0.6443, Highs 0.6527
Trade Runs +84 Pips

NZD/CAD Holdover trade from last week

Long 0.8565 and 0.8543, Target 0.8592.
Lows Friday 0.8537, Highs 0.8603
target Achieved +60 pips

Total: 4 Trades, 4 Currency Pairs, +589 Pips. This is the same old story week after week on 18 currency pairs. The trades are few but profits high.

EURAUD remains deeply overbought and miles of downside exists. The long term target is 1.5900’s. The complement is deeply oversold AUD/USD against miles of upside to go. AUD/USD must achieved a minimum of 0.6758 to normalize. Note minimum. A break of 0.6815 then far higher for AUD as its upside will accelerate and EUR/AUD will begin a faster descent. EUR/USD will also assist EUR/AUD drop on a break lower at 1.1077.

Same story to AUD/CHF on a break of 0.6645 and AUD/JPY at 74.22. No love for NZD/CAD as it was part of last week’s trade theme as CAD in the currency pair second position. NZD/JPY is by far the best trade NZD offers.
Long way to Friday as trades are weekly and targets yet to achieve.


Brian Twomey

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