NZD and NOK Trade Results and Trade Signals

Hi All.
We trade 18 Currency Pairs per week. All 18 Currency Pairs are sent to subscribers. Subscribers and now long time friends come and stay for years and years. Because my signals are perfect.
I’m not a trade service. My offer is only for interested traders to trade my signals. My signals are designed for busy people, people who may have lives outside of markets and for those who don’t have time nor want to watch screens all week.
The job of the trader is input entry and target for the week then go live your life without worry.
I use math and calculate carefully by hand every week. If any are interested in a weekly trade, feel free and I will post it.
The end result for my trades is accounts grow and grow money.
RBNZ on hold. WE knew this as RBNZ interest rates failed the 5 Basis Point move in 5 days, as Interest rate Rules.
RBNZ told us on hold long before the statement.
NZDUSD As Posted Long 0.6394 and 0.6383 to target 0.6496
Low 0.6378, Highs 0.6479
Trade runs from 0.6383 +96 Pips and 17 pips to Target
NZDJPY As Posted
Long 70.22 and 69.88 to target 70.75
Lows 69.98, Highs 70.75 Target Complete +77 pips
2nd Leg Long above 70.89 to target 72.21
Highs 71.31,
Trade Runs +41 pips Total 118 pips, 2 Trades
Long 0.6251 and 0.6239 to target 0.6339
Lows 0.6236, Highs 0.6323
Trade Runs +87 Pips and 16 pips to Target
Total 4 trades +301 Pips and perfect Trades



Short 9.3039 and 9.3168 to target 9.1367.

Highs 9.3057, Lows 9.2040.

Trade runs +999 Pips and long way to target.



Short 10.1906 and 10.1957 to target 10.1235.

Highs 10.1938, Lows 10.0569.

From 10.1938 to 1.1235 trade ran +703 Pips. To 10.0569 trade runs +1359 pips.

Watch 10.0512 break  for next leg lower.




Short 19.4365 and 19.4448 to target 19.2370.

Highs 19.5342, Lows 19.1092.

Forced to add 1 lot on missed entry.

From 19.5342 to 19.2370 = 2972 pips.

From 19.4448 to 19.2370 = 2078 Pips.


Brian Twomey