9 Currency Day Trade by Interest Rate Results

Every Central bank on the planet offers for their daily currencies not only trade levels, bottoms and tops but specific ranges.
To know daily ranges then allows knowledge to tops and bottoms or longs and shorts at exact points. Don’t waste pips.
Longs and shorts on 7 1/2 hours transforms traders to ping pong players as multiple longs and short are available.
Rare days when ranges break but those days are Market gifts as prices must retain original ranges.
GBP 1.3017 and GBPJPY 142.93 great example to free Money Points.
Day trade losses are impossible. Repeat impossible and as impossible as my weekly trades. Bold but true.
Ranges all Held, how many Pips long bottoms and short tops. Many.
No charts, stops or market blather.
EURUSD 1.0834 -1.0886 or 52 pips
EURJPY 119.70 -118.87 or 84 Pips. Range allowed 60.
Times of trades matters, 1:30 am -9:00 am.
AUDUSD 0.6706 – 0.6745 or 39 pips.
NZDUSD 0.6429 to 0.6467 or 38 pips
USDJPY 109.63 – 110.09 or 46 pips.
USDCAD 1.3241 – 1.3271 or 30 light pips
AUDEUR 0.6171 -0.6216 or 45 pips. Normal AUDEUR range tops 32, cause EURAUD daily range bout 70 pips.
Asia, AUDEUR range max 17 pips. trades 1/2 its allowed distance.
   Brian Twomey

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