This week’s trades remain the same as last week as follows USD/JPY, AUD/JPY, GBP/CHF and GBP/NZD. For GBP/ZAR was eliminated as entry and target finally achieved perfection.

Targets to remainder pairs failed to achieve destinations yet all trades were profitable until the Fed’s surprise cut.

AUD/JPY ran 134 Pips, GBP/NZD ran 375 Pips, USD/JPY ran 77 Pips and GBP/CHF entry was off by 166 Pips.

USD/NOK achieved its 9.2800 target.

GBP/USD and cross pairs, especially GBP/CHF and GBP/JPY remain problems to the overall GBP complex. But problems are opportunities. GBPUSD stands alone above its 1.2880 break point while GBP/JPY and GBP/CHF trade miles below 1.2504 and 139.94.

AUD/USD and all AUD pairs remain not only deeply oversold from short and long term but AUD represents the best long term trades.

Its March and the most vital month to all currency trading. Perfectly accurate Models were updated to reflect the second March since 2018.

March 2018 was the last time long term trades for 500 and 1000 pips became abundant and affected all currency pairs. As March 2019 was dead to long term trades, March 2020 and the same 500 and 1000 pip trades are upon us. A review from March to May 2018 was seen in the 35 posted trades and many targets hit perfectly for 700 ish pips.

Written here before to the 2 year cycle to currency pair prices as the cycle ends in March. Why March is due to sufficient distance to currency prices. Distance as mentioned before to currency and stock prices are represented as 300 and 600 Pips and Points. Distance is the most deviated points allowed for prices to travel in 1 direction.

Currency markets for March 2020 achieved its allowable distance and now prices must rightsize to align properly. Rightsize may take a full 3 months but depends which currency pair and when targets achieve. EUR/AUD’s 2 trades for 700 pips lasted 7 weeks to offer what;s ahead.

Long term targets for 19 currency pairs will post.

USD/JPY’s drop to 105.00’s and now 104.00’s is a gift to its long term target at easily 108. USD/JPY must trade to 108.99.
The next significant low is located at 102.33 and 102.40. Both are vital due to its low for longer term ranges. USD/JPY at current 104.00’s and 103.00 are approaching range lows to highlight location.



Long anywhere or 102.33, 103.04 and 103.84 to target easily 107.83. Most vital points to cross are 106.13 and 106.62.

AUD/JPY to current 68.00’s contains a long term target at 79.15 as all AUD pairs were significantly destroyed to trade at bottoms. Last time 68.00’s traded was April 2009 or 11 years ago.

Long anywhere or 67.60 and 68.25 to target easily 71.48. At 71.48 places last week’s entry at 70.15 to a 130 pip profit.

A problem pair due to its misalignment to GBP/USD. Long term target is located at 1.2874.

Long 1.2085 and 1.2015 if markets become seriously off kilter to target easily 1.2365.


GBP/NZD the largest mover among all 28 currency pairs is subject to GBP/USD for its next target. GBP/NZD is a range pair due to its wide movvements and therefore lacks a target price.

GBP/NZD lower must break 2.0634 to target

Short 2.0680 and 2.0625, just ahead of 2.0725 to target 2.0217. Big break lone to cross is 2.0435.


Brian Twomey

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