March 2020 Long Term Targets

And so March begins in 2020 as was the same story in 2018. Trades in 2020 as in 2018 is the single focus to reversals, trends and great price movements. Avoidance to the word volatility as this word implies uncontrolled, unknown or sporadic prices. The currency price is a perfect price and a price known long in advance to targets 800 and 1000 pips.

Targets achieved destinations in 2018. Destinations means alignment, rightsize or my term, settled price. A settled price never rests as it must by math standards achieve its next distant point. By math standards it must also return to its distant points.
Distant points are defined as 300, 600 and for a full currency price cycle, 2500 pips. Any price outside of 3, 6 and 2500 are non existent prices, ghost prices. And ghost prices are not only easy profit opportunities but seen often.

AUD/JPY at 67.00’s and 68.00 are ghost prices, AUD/CHF and NZD/CHF currently trade all time, 60 year lows. Both prices are ghost prices and don’t exist. EUR/CHF below 1.0300’s trades ghost prices and below 60 year lows. Below 1.0300;s, EUR/CHF prices don’t exist. CAD/JPY at 73.00’s trades ghost prices and below 60 year lows. Below 73.00’s, prices don’t exist.

2019 is considered the out year to the cycle and the out year to any cycle as few easy long term target trades become available. And overall reference is to all currency pairs, the full currency market.

March 2020 targets vs 2018 targets

Wide range currency pairs never contain a specific target as their overall purpose is to forever range trade. Wide range pairs maintain a check on the shorter range currecny pairs, GBPUSD Vs GBP/NZD for example. March 2020, many trade above tops and now offer good trade opportunities.

AUD and GBP/JPY offer best trade opportunities as most distant targets in relation to 19 currency pairs.

EUR/USD target 1.1405 Vs 2018 at 1.1600’s. Took 2 years for 1.1600;s to drop 200 pips to 1.1400’s. EURUSD next big move should be much lower and the move is imminent.

EUR/NZD. Top 1.7600’s. Long way to drop. Wide range currency.

GBP/CHF 2020 target 1.2879 Vs 2018 at 1.3200’s. Target = 800 pips.

GBP/CAD 1.8200 top, long way to drop for wide range currency.

GBP/USD. 2020 target 1.3385 vs 2018 at 1.3600, 1.3800 then 1.3400’s. Target 1.3400’s achieved. 1.3385 = 400 pips from 1.2900’s.

AUD/USD. 2020 target 0.7300 Vs 2018 at 0.7800’s. An 800 pip target.

AUD/JPY 2020 target 79.00’s Vs 2018 at 83.00’s. An 1100 pip target.

USD/JPY. Lacks a target yet ranges from 102 to 109.00’s. The 2018 target at 100 bounced from 104.00’s.

EUR/JPY 2020 target 123.00’s Vs 2018 at 125. A 500 pip target.

GBP/JPY. 2020 target 144 vs 2018 at 147.00’s. Target achieved. An 800 pip target.

EUR/AUD. 2020 target 1.5900’s Vs 2018 at 1.5900’s. No changes. A 1400 pip target.

GBP/AUD. 2020 top 1.9400’s Vs 2018 top at 2.0019. a 600 pip drop.

USD/CAD. 2020 target 1.2900’s, Vs 2018 at 1.2800’s. No changes. An 800 pip target.

CAD/JPY. 2020 target 84.00’s Vs 2018 at 86.00’s, a 200 pip drop. A 900 pip target.

NZD/JPY. 2020 target 72.00’s Vs 2018 at 72.00’s. No changes. A 500 pip target.

NZD/USD. 2020 target 0.6700’s vs 2018 at 0.7000’s. A 400 Pip target.

AUD/CHF. 2020 target 0.7000’s. An 800 pip target.

NZD/CHF. 2020 target 0.6600’s. A 700 pip target.

EUR/CHF 60 year lows below 1.0300’s.

As targets achieved in 2018, reversals are now seen as 300 and 600 pips to begin. Targets won’t change until destinations are complete. 300 pips are fairly standard as forever price targets while 600 approaches max peaks. Longest trades view as 2500 pips and 2500 is also a currency market price standard. 2500 is viewed when targets complete to next price targets generally over a 2 year period.


Brian Twomey

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