FX Profit: 50% All Traded Pips

  On my 4 month Pip Results Blog page Feb to June 2019 is the claim and stated many times is trades profit on 50% of all traded pips. Any Currency Pair.
This claim as shown is backed by math and I stopped counting results when Trade perfection was seen.
Allow weekly trades as my results and fully posted at week beginning everywhere for all viewers.
trade pips counted as weekly trend direction.
GBPUSD last week 1.1400’s to 1.2400’s or 1000 pips.
Posted trade 1.1600’s to target 1.2000;s or 400 ish pips =40%.
EURUSD Last week 1.0600’s to Target 1.0900’s or 300 ish pips = 100%.
EURUSD 2nd leg as posted, Long 1.1042 to target 1.1105.
Actual 1.1042 to 1.1148.
Of 106 traded pips, the profit = 63 pips or bout 50%.
EURAUD 1.8500;s to target 1.7900’s or 600 pips.
EURAUD Same trade developed 1.8500’s to 1.7900’s target.
Actual 1.8500’s to 1.8000’s or 500 Pips and 100%.
USDJPY 110.00’s to target 1.0800’s.
Actual 111.00’s to 107.00’s. traded  profit 50% easily.
USDJPY Same trade developed, 110.00’s to Target 108.00’s.
50% of all traded pip profit isn’t new, its years old but last week and every week allowed revelation.
The difference between Brian Twomey and the crowds is I know exactly what I’m doing and every traded pip, every week is known. No mysteries.
Interesting to Brian Twomey is my Market posts and trades are read by every retail and bank currency analysts, FX street, Hedge funds, Central banks, money managers, Bank traders, trade services, traders in the multitudes of 1000’s.
But not one person recognizes a single trade or market post. A real scum bucket currency analyst at dailyfx has been stealing my trades for years and rewriting the trades on the dailyfx site. Dailyfx is the former FXCM.
 The trading business has evolved from we are all in it together and assist each other to every man a trade service, trade room, website views, trading systems. The trading business turned into a competition to earn trader money by subscriptions, trade room and website views.
Its not enough to evolve from trade explanation to entry = target profit without rhyme or reason. And most are wrong therefore trader competition becomes fierce as trader turnover to trade services is extremely high. Explain low monthly fees and this is the new competition. Its sad, very sad as most are amatuer traders and not very good.
                Brian Twomey

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