Trade theme this week is NZD. And NZD is the bottom of exchange rates for all G28 and EM currency pairs. Its the signal currency. The driver to NZD is not only a low and deeply oversold price but NZD/CHF’s price doesn’t exist. NZD/CHF must trade higher to establish its price range.



Long 0.5918 to target 0.6080. Must cross 0.5945, 0.5972, 0.5999, 0.6026 and 0.6053

Long above 0.6135 to target 0.6243.


Long 63.31 and 63.02 to target 65.70. Must cross 63.90, 64.22, 64.81 and 65.40

Long above 66.70 to target 67.89


Long 0.5724 and 0.5695 to target 0.5899. Must cross 0.5724, 0.5753, 0.5782, 0.5811, 0.5840.

Long above 0.5959 to target 0.6076. Must cross 0.5988, 0.6017 and 0.6046.


Long 0.8343 and 0.8319 to target 0.8425.

Long above 0.8451 to target 0.8504.

Long term target for NZD/CAD must remain above 0.8321. And top range is located at 0.8800’s.


Brian Twomey

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