Weekly Trade Targets

EUR/AUD achieved perfect Target at 1.7040 and 500 Pips

GBP/AUD hit perfect Trade Target at 1.9496 and 500 Pips

GBP/JPY achieved perfect Trade targets. Perfect entry within 14 pips for 312 Pip

EUR/USD hit Perfect Trade Targets, Perfect entry within 10 Pips. For 150 pips total

EUR/JPY missed Target by 30 pips and +300 pips trade

GBP/USD +262 Pips

GBPCHF +154 Pips

USD/RON +200 Pips

Total just a few trades, 2000 pips

Imagine totals for 18 weekly currency Pairs.

Imagine 9 day trades on 9 currency pairs, sent and traded twice daily.

Imagine not watching screens all week and the only effort is click, click, click.

Imagine setting entries and targets on Sunday and out by Friday.

Imagine living life without watching screens all week.

Imagine another parson on the planet that can match my weekly and yearly performance with perfect consistently. Doubt it,

Non would ever perform the necessary work required.

The fee is cheap in relations to profits. For interested. I’m not a trade service but I view myself as willing to assist interested


Brian Twomey