Trade Profit and Percentages

Goncalo at Fxstreet is responsible for this chart construction and it represents the last 3 weeks of weekly trades for all 18 currency pairs. I’m grateful to Goncalo but I’m probably violating something by this chart post. Then again, the reason for it all and many trade posts over the past 3 weeks was to participate in the rescue of Fxstreet’s disaster trade service. Doesn”t  appear it will happen.

Percentages are skyrocket high and its only 3 weeks into a month. Its fairly typical though to my trade performance every month.

Brian Twomey

Trade Targets and Continuous Trading

Upon target achievement, many traders leave the trade to search for the next opportunity. Meanwhile the currency price still moves and profit pips are left unearned.

Long ago in the 2012 trades, I introduced and demonstrated how to continuously trade and earn many more profit pips by continuous trading. A target completion is only a small portion to what remains available to profit. As I always stated, its not what is earned but how much was left unprofitable to a trade target and moving prices. Prices don’t move much anymore in today’s dead markets so its imperative to maximize every pip for profit.

Then comes the concept is a target price really a target price. The answer is yes and no. EUR/AUD this week dropped 200 pips. EUR/AUD in this week’s trades informed EUR/AUD would drop 200 pips. This trade lacked a target price. What EUR/AUD informed was where would EUR/AUD reverse higher for longs and earn many more than 200 pips. We go slightly beyond an actual  target price to continuous trading.

For subscribers earn the privilege to continuous trading in weekly trades. The exact same concepts are traded on daily trades.

Brian Twomey