EUR/CAD and USD/RON were the big winners this week and target completion for both at +295 and +358 pips for USD/RON. Both are classified as wide range currency pairs. All wide range pairs traded 300 and 400 pips this week and most in 1 direction, short.

This is the second week to trade USD/RON and both weeks profit was + 600 pips and target completion. However this week USD/RON profit was longs and last weeks for shorts.

USD/PLN never traded to 4.2160 and 4.2400’s entry however the price path traded to 4.2017  highs then dropped to 4.1600’s. A missed opportunity. Current top today  at 4.2119 will serve as short entry.

Nothing special to AUD/CAD and at running +53 pips and yet to achieve target at 0.8966. Traded lows was 0.9010.

Nothing special to CHF/JPY either and the only reason for highlight was its relationship to USD/JPY and due to USD/JPY at historic break point lows at 106.04.

Next week comes continuous trades to allow trades all week. This can be viewed as target to target and normally involves something like 2 longs and 2 shorts per currency pair. I will show by 1 or 2 currency pairs. A trade to target begins a trade and its not the end. This allows about an extra 100 to 200 pips per currency pair and doesn’t include the target trade. Trades are few and profits high.

Trades and Results


Short 1.5495 and 1.5504 to target 1.5173
Highs 1.5466, Lows 1.5166
Target complete
Trade ran +295 Pips


Long 4.3857 and 4.3738 to target 4.3977.
Lows 4.4046, No trade

2nd Leg

Long above 4.4096 to target 4.4454.
Highs 4.4454 Actual Highs 4.4700

Target complete

Trade ran + 358 pips.


Short 0.9072 and 0.9098 to target 0.8966
Highs 0.9081, Lows 0.9019
Trade from 0.9072 Runs +53 pips.

Target not complete


Short 111.66 and 111.98 to target 111.17
Short below 111.01 to target 110.35.


Highs 111.31, Lows 111.17 +14 pips no credit for entry miss.
Lows 110.35 from short 111.01 +66 pips
Total 2 trades +80 pips
Not much here but none expected and current CHF/JPY trades in 109.00’s.


Long 106.71 and 106.55 to target 107.72
Lows 106.61, highs 107.08 +47 pips and hardly counts as a trade
Total weekly 4 Trades as Posted

EURCAD +295 pips
AUDCAD +53 pips
CHFJPY +80 pips

5 Trades Total 786 pips


Brian Twomey