Trade Profit and Percentages: May 4 -May 8, 2020


I’m again grateful to Goncalo at Fxstreet. Posted charts will remain here on my blog and not made public for respect to Goncalo and to all the very decent and hardworking people at fxstreet. Its truly the best and top site on the planet for fx and all aspects to trading.

I’m grateful to Fxstreet to allow me to post trades and even results. Investing dot com stopped me long ago especially when they saw impressive gains and targets achieve.


1 week Percentages on 18 currency Pairs and this represents May 4 -May 8 = 19.66%. See chart below.

For last 3 weeks Percentages = above 16.00%. See the chart under last post Trade Profit and Percentages for verification.

Percentages derive from 18 currency Pairs traded every week. My distinct ability is to call perfectly the entire currency market every week to entries and targets and to derive giant profits.

And no stops, charts, graphs, no fibs, no indicators. No need to spend 24/7 on twitter blah blah about latest Market talk that contains no bearing on a price or profit.

I use simple statistics, but used correctly. Weekly trades are 150 and 200 ish pip trades and hardly anything less. Targets always achieve destinations. Now and then an entry is missed. Opportunity knocks to add 1 lot, break even and always trade to target. Means never losses as such a concept doesn’t exist. Can anyone else perform such trade results? And not even to watch markets but set entries and targets Sunday, exit by Friday.




Last 3 weeks



Brian Twomey