Brian Twomey Trades

Given 1 currency Pair and 10 traders, heard on Sunday is 5 traders are long and 5 traders are short. All currency pairs on the planet begin the week in the exact same positions.

This means every currency pair shares exactly the same statistical commonalities and same statistical properties. Currency letters and numbers maybe different but statistics are the same.

Amount of movements changes week to week not by much but change is constant to quote Heraclitus. Its guaranteed by statistics and mathematically certain.

Entry to target is actually statistical point to statistical point and mathematically perfect. Once a target achieves its statistical destination then the next trade is taken to again trade statistical point to statistical point.

Weekly, statistical point to statistical point or entry to target is 3 trades per currency pair. For 18 currency pairs = 54 trades. Depends on the week and allowable movements.

Seen from Goncalo charts is extraordinarily high percentages against perfect entries and targets for 18 currency pairs. Its nothing new nor is the consistency over years.

The level of detail to ensure this perfection is extraordinary and takes many weekend hours. Most won’t spend this amount of time to ensure trade success and maximize pips. But I’m factoring 18 and 20 currency pairs.

The same perfection seen by my trades is easily achievable for anyone but nobody does work anymore. I brought the degree of statistics to trades not only to an easy level but a measurement that doesn’t require math or statistical understanding.

Technical analysis and charts lack the same statistical properties required to perfect trades.


The standard deviation and bell curve shown in a previous post is correct to Z Scores but miles off to trade perfectly a currency or any market price.


Brian Twomey