In this week’s trades will demonstrate continuous trading to maximize profit pips by trading a perfect price path. Same principle applies to all trades : set entries Sunday and exit by Friday. Go live life throughout the week. How is such concepts possible. By extreme hard work to understanding and simple statistical concepts.

All past weekly trades posted on Fxstreet commonalities are as follows: No stops, charts, graphs, no Fibs, no need for 24 /7 market banter in regards to topics which contain no relevance to price paths or weekly profits. Overall, all trades earned 200 + pips per trade and entries and targets were perfect to near perfect.

The Concepts and  Revolutionary Trading

.All currency pairs on the planet begin the week in the exact same positions.

This means every currency pair shares exactly the same statistical commonalities and same statistical properties. Currency letters and numbers maybe different but statistics are the same.

Amount of movements changes week to week not by much but change is constant to quote Heraclitus. Its guaranteed by statistics and mathematically certain.

Entry to target is actually statistical point to statistical point and mathematically perfect. Once a target achieves its statistical destination then the next trade is taken to again trade statistical point to statistical point or next entry to next target. Trading becomes continuous all week.

Weekly prices begin mathematically perfect and end mathematically perfect. The currency price nor any financial instrument is not a random lost floating price. It contains a specific entry and target and by math standards, it must achieve entry and target.

Statistical concepts applied to currency prices works perfectly to any financial instrument since statistics is universal.

Weekly, statistical point to statistical point or entry to target is normally 3 trades per currency pair. For 18 currency pairs = 54 trades. Depends on the week and allowable movements. On rare weeks, statistical point to statistical point may mean 4 trades per currency pair. That means 2 longs and 2 shorts or 2 shorts and 2 longs.

Here’s true revolution. Calculating weekly trades per currency pair takes about 3 minutes per currency. For 28 currency pairs, its 84 minutes. And entries and targets will achieve perfectly for 1000’s of pips. However I take a bit more detail.

The level of detail to ensure this perfection is extraordinary and takes many weekend hours. Most won’t spend this amount of time to ensure trade success and maximize pips. But I’m factoring 18 and 20 currency pairs.

The same perfection seen by my trades is easily achievable for anyone but nobody does work anymore. I brought the degree of statistics to trades not only to an easy level but a measurement that doesn’t require math or statistical understanding. It requires a $5 calculator, sticky notes and pencil.

USD/PLN last week achieved the 700 pip target price for shorts then +600 pips for downside profits. That’s forecast of 1300 pips. G28 currency pairs requires 2 and 300 pip forecasts

Trades presented by Duetsche bank, Goldman Sachs and all the rest are just pure noise against false hopes and dreams to targets.



Long 1.0780 and 1.0762 to target 1.0893. Must cross 1.0836 and 1.0854.
Long above 1.0911 to target 1.1002. Must cross 1.0929, 1.0947, 1.0965 and 1.0984.
Short 1.1002 to target 1.0929. Must cross 1.0984 and 1.0967, 1.0949 and 1.0931.

Must cross = more statistical points.


Long 1.2010 and 1.1986 to target 1.2154. Must cross 1.2034, 1.2058, 1.2082, 1.2106 and 1.2130.
Long above 1.2178 to target 1.2274. Must cross 1.2202, 1.2226 and 1.2250.
Short 1.2274 to target 1.2202. Must cross 1.2250 and 1.2226.


Long 0.6877 and 0.6837 to target 0.7017.
Long above 0.7037 to target 0.7197.
Short 0.7107 to target 0.7057.


Short 0.8778 and 0.8808 to target 0.8738.
Short below 0.8719 to target 0.8658.
Long 0.8658 to target 0.8699.


Brian Twomey

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