Weekly Trade Analysis for Week May 18-22

To understand closing prices, view prices starting at 4:00 p.m EST as prices ” head for the close”. This is the same principle as the 4 phases of the hourly price candle. The last 15 minutes, prices “head for the hourly close.


EUR/USD watching close price at or around 1.0835. Good chance to see close above.

EUR/JPY Watching close at or around 115.92. Good chance to see close above

EUR/NZD great trade for next week especially at close 1.8100’s.

EUR/AUD tricky here, depends on AUD/USD close at or below 0.6400’s or in the vicinity.

EUR/GBP achieved 0.8900’s and good short next week. EUR/GBP is the opposite pair to EUR/USD. Same principle as saying this EUR/USD Vs USD/EUR.


AUD/USD around 0.6400’s

AUD/JPY 68.40’s and 68.50 really nice for next week.


USD/CAD watching 1.4083.

CAD/JPY Low 76.00’s close, good.


All GBP currently deeply oversold and agreed, never use 2 adverbs in a row to violate long standing grammatical rules.

Small concern is fail to significantly bounce to high 1.2200’s, low 1.2300’s and sustain itself at those levels. Further to not see any GBP pair significantly rise. This situation is not normal. GBP/CHF, the bottom pair, at low 1.1800’s is a main pair to view GBP. GBP/CHF has no business at low 1.1800’s.

GBP/CAD next week will range, range again. GBP/JPY as well contains no business at low 130.00’s. GBP/NZD at middle to upper 2.0300’s would be wonderful. GBP/NZD and GBP/CHF both oversold informs, GBP/USD should be okay for a significant rise next week. We’ll see how it goes.

Recall GBP/USD 1.2900’s to 1.1900’s straight down every week without correction. A further drop next week to 1.2000’s and 1.1900;s reveals we have another continuous drop on our hands. This means we may eliminate GBP for a week or two. EUR pairs are much better and offer clear price paths.

As it stands, all GBP pairs contain significant ability to rise and offer many pips higher. The trades are terrific if prices hold correctly.

NZD/USD Below 0.6000’s is really good.


Brian Twomey