Weekly Trade EUR/USD May 18 to 22

As a trade example to demonstrate continuous trades all week in order to maximize profit pips, the EURUSD trade as posted represented a perfect trade yet a trade that lasted all week. A third leg will be added at the end of this post.

The first trade

Long 1.0790 and 1.0771 to target 1.0884
Lows 1.0799, Highs 1.0884
Trade Ran +85 pips

2nd Leg

Long above 1.0902 to target 1.1012. Must cross 1.1009.
Highs 1.1008
trade Ran +106 pips.

2 trades + 191 pips.

3rd Leg

Short 1.1008 to target 1.0944. Must cross 1,0975.
Recall inclusion to this option to the weekly trade as it remains open.
Short below 1.0902 to target 1.0836,
Never materialized however the week contains a long way to Friday.

Friday Close

Friday is a special day for fx trading as the currency price spends 1 /2 its day trading to the close price.
The Friday close price will trade below 1.0975 to expected 1.0940’s. A list of 18 currency pairs may post as forecasts to closing prices and in turn will serve as Friday day trades. And quite easy trades. To know the close price will then offer indications to next week’s trade lineup, entries and targets.

Point of note to trades is perfect entries and targets then to continuous trading all week. The new feature is to forecast closing prices.

Last point is no charts, no stops, no graphs, no market talk as prices don’t care to market talk. All a price knows and cares about is entry and target as a trade begins at entry and ends at target.

To my observation, nobody else is doing, trading or forecasting as my posted trades. No trade posted a loss and for many, many trades over many weeks. The gurus today held up as best actually fail to meet any expectations to trade and profit ability.


Brian Twomey