Weekly Trades: GBP/USD And GBP/NZD

Another week to continuous trading to maximize profit pips and earn all traded pips available. And offered most vital points to watch and follow the trades to target. Also offered to those to take profits when satisfied anywhere along the price path. This week is GBP/USD from the low end of GBP to also trade GBP/NZD at the top end. This week 4 trades per currency are offered.
Recall last week’s EUR/USD trades offered 2 longs and 2 shorts to continuously trade throughout the week. The 2 longs profited 191 pips while the shorts earned +79 pips for a total of 270 pips.

The close price forecast for Friday was just above 1.0860 and the last target to the shorts was 1.0836. Based on the close price forecast, it was apparent 1.0836 had a chance to fail its destination. It did and EUR/USD closed at 1.0898. However the last short earned 16 pips.

Same old story to the trades: No Charts, No Graphs, No Stops, no market blather talk necessary. Most Important is no screen watching throughout the week as its not necessary. Entries and targets are set on Sunday and exit by Friday. A possible missed entry is quickly repaired to either break even or trade to target and earn profits. Never a loss incurred.

Weekly Trades


Long 1.2124 and 1.2099 to target 1.2395. Must cross 1.2149, 1.2174, 1.2199, 1.2226, 1.2251, 1.2276, 1.2301, 1.2326, 1.2351 and 1.2376.

Long above 1.2431 to target 1.2533. Must cross 1.2456, 1.2481, 1.2506 and 1.2531.

Short 1.2533 to target 1.2482.

Cautious short 1.2395 to target 1.2293


Long 1.9964 and 1.9946 to target 2.0222. Must cross 2.0001, 2.0036, 2.0072, 2.0108, 2.0144, 2.0180 and 2.0216.

Long above 2.0258 to target 2.0367. Must cross 2.0294 and 2.0330.

Short 2.0367 to target 2.0294.

Cautious short 2.0222 to target 2.0149


Brian Twomey

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