FX Trading Price Path

  Charts and Outside Events are The Enemy of FX traders
A trade contains an entry and  target price, a start & stop point. This price path must complete its mission by math laws.
The price path is set on the previous Friday, to enter trades on Sunday & exit with profits by Friday.

Fully, 90% of all information exposed to traders throughout any given week is irrelevant to the price path because a price path cannot be stopped by any trader, central bank  or outside event such as news.

Understanding a price path allows traders to literally set entries and  targets on Sunday, exit by Friday with profits & never watch markets or charts or screens all week.

The chart and focus on outside events is actually the enemy of the trader because a chart doesn’t show a true price path and because a market price is never correct. What can a chart reveal to an incorrect price.

Its not what a trader earned from a trade that is relevant but what did the trader miss in pips that traded without profit. A 100 pip trade is fine but if 300 pips Traded without profit, then actually, how good was the trade or trader expertise to overall trading and strategy.

Vast majority of traders are speculators and  set out to earn profits to stay in the game. 1% are experts with full price knowledge. Full price knowledge means every traded pip is known to its location and mathematical context. The 1% irrelevance to a chart is replaced with ability to eyeball any price and fully understand the overall price context and all relevant information for a profitable trade. The 1% crowd is rarely seen nor known to wider trader audiences.
                   Brian Twomey

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