EUR/CAD: Multiple Trades, Multiple Pips

At week’s end, 3 trades complete, targets achieved for 358 pips.
The Bottom target to 1.5029 failed to achieve and dead stopped at 1.5049 then long target at 1.5109.

If target achieved at 1.5029 then the 4th trade would’ve completed for another 80 pips.

Another 80 pips added to 358 total factors to 438 pips.

At 438 pips profit means practically 100% of all 458 available traded pips were earned.
At 358 profit pips means 78.38% of all traded pips were profit.
On 18 currency pairs for weekly trades, the traditional average over about 16 months is profit 50% to 60% on all traded pips.
This assumes normally traded markets which was the case except for this current 2nd quarter of unstable prices. Yet the quarter was successful as models are designed and traded to perfection.
Over years, I’ve taken trades to far higher degrees to not only weekly and Daily  interest rate trades but long term target trades of 5, 8 and 1000 pips.
And targets complete practically to the exact pip. I think this is quite astounding
                Trade As Posted and Results
Short 1.5358 and 1.5379 to target 1.5137.

Short 1.5117 to target 1.5029.

Long 1.5029 to target 1.5109.

Long 1.5128 to target 1.5197.

Total 458 available pips to trade.

Profit 358 Pips
                  Brian Twomey