Trade Service

18 currency pairs are offered as weekly trades with specific entries and targets. The trade target is about 150 and 200 ish pips.

The latest addition is offer multiple trades per currency pair with specific entries and targets. This adds about 100 more pips per currency pair, per week. It means profits to at least 50% -60% of all traded pips.

The first 12 currency pairs are ranked from recommended trades to least favorite. The 6 GBP pairs offered are separately ranked.

On 10 and 12 currency pairs, the weekly average profit was about 1000 to 1200 pips per week. Today that figure is much higher. See June and July 2019 for analysis, math and trade results from February to July.

Weekly trades are designed to enter Sunday and exit by Friday without screen watching. Trades allow ability to live life outside of markets without worry. Individuals busy and live life outside of markets during the week then the trades are perfect to suit this lifestyle.

A trade begins at entry and ends at target therefore no stops, charts, indicators or ulterior methods used in trade calculations.

I’m here nearly 24/7 to assist with comments and questions. Its a 1 man show here and I’m the only person.

This offer is for interested traders who desire trades but its not a full blown trade service.

Trades are sent every Saturday morning

Interested are invited to view years upon years of trades, education, analysis on my blog.

The price is $300 per month


Brian Twomey Contact





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