Close Price Forecast 16 Currency Pairs

Friday trading for most of the trading day is devoted to closing prices beginning in the 3:00 pm EST time to the actual close at 5:00. Friday trading is an alert to traders exactly how prices will trade next week and which currency pairs will serve the best profit potential. A further aspect to not only trades is the prediction to closing prices. To know a close price allows for an easy Friday day trade.
Due to time constraints today, only 16 currency pairs are offered. Next week, all 28 currency pairs will post but actually many EM pairs may post as well.

EUR/USD 1.1218 to 1.1187.

GBP/USD 1.2418 to 1.2398

GBP/JPY 133.25 – 133.47

EUR/JPY 119.66 to 119.38

AUD/USD 0.6824 to 0.6855

NZD/USD 0.6392 to 0.6423

USD/JPY 106.95 to 107.17

USD/CAD 1.3594 to 1.3556

GBP/CAD 1.6924 to 1.6953

EURNZD 1.7490 to 1.7442

AUD/JPY 73.31 to 73.74

EUR/CAD 1.5242 1.5203

CAD/JPY 78.07 to 78.33

EUR/AUD 1.6316 to 1.6348

NZD/CAD 0.8698 to 0.8723

AUD/CAD 0.9284 to 0.9262


Brian Twomey


As usual all trades this week were winners and trade to target remains an ongoing +10 year victory story for short day trades to weekly and long term targets. And as usual, no stops, graphs, charts, god forbid no Fibs or ulterior indicators for wrong forecasts to entries and targets.

Best part to entries and targets is no screen watching as we know targets will achieve. Those days are long past and it allows for time to live life outside of markets.

For long term target example is GBP/USD. Targets in 4 years as follows: 1.3800’s, 1.3600’s, 1.3400’s and today 1.3198. All targets achieved destinations as written but all targets by Mathematical law had to achieve destinations by no other choice. GBP/USD 1.3198 will achieve it destination.

A price doesn’t know, care nor understand for example BOE stimulus, interest rate changes nor Fed stimulus, interest rate changes or Retail sales, PMI, speakers or testimony. A price could care less about Trump or Biden.

Time to 1.3198 is irrelevant. From current 1.2400’s and a 700 pip target , traders should hope for a lower GBP/USD to 1.1900’s, 1.1800 to increase profits and to not watch markets until 1.3198 trades.

Trade theme this week was bottom and top currencies, EUR/USD Vs NZD/USD. And top and bottom within universe, NZD/USD V NZD/CAD. And AUD/CAD to match NZD/CAD.

Trade and Results

EURUSD Weekly Trade As Posted
Short 1.1289 and 1.1305 to target 1.1144.
Highs 1.1353, Lows 1.1185
trade Runs from 1.1305 +120 pips
From Add lot 1.1353 +168 pips
target 1.1144 Ongoing


Short 0.6481 and 0.6496 to target 0.6334.
Highs 0.6501 Lows 0.6406
trade Runs +90 pips
Trade Ongoing to target


Short 0.9358 and 0.9386 to target 0.9287.
Highs 0.9427, Lows 0.9296
Perfect Target.
Trade ran +90 pips from 0.9386 and +131 from add lot 0.9427


Short 0.8786 and 0.8797 to target 0.8625.
Highs 0.8800, Lows 0.8718
Trade Runs +82 pips
Trade target Ongoing

4 trades, +408 pips. As usual trades are few and profits always high and trade perfection achieved.