20th Century HIS 319: Test 1

20th Century
HIS 319
Test 1
Brian Twomey
      The Concentric Zone Theory outlined five key zones in a city. Name the five zones. Two points each.
  6 & 7.Booker T Washington and William DuBois shared two distinct philosophies to answer the ills of the black population. What were those philosophies. Two points each.
Booker T Washington:
William DuBois:
8. This famous Supreme Court case of 1896 gave states the right to segregate blacks. Two points.
9. The United States answer to help Native American Indians was defined as what measure. Two Points.
10. This act was responsible for the westward migration of white settlers. Two points.
 11. What was so special about the Interstate Commerce Commission.What did this act accomplish? Four points.
 12. Who were the muckrackers and what was their purpose? Name two  Four Points.
 13. The Jungle gave us what act passed under the Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt. Two points.
 14. The progressive movement can be defined as one word. What was that one word. Two points.
 15. Three famous laws passed by the political progressives and implemented today. What were they. 6 points.
 16. Define the 19th Amendment. Two points.
 17. Name two people responsible for passage. Four points.
 18. John Dewey was at the forefront of advocacy for educational reforms, What were the two schools of thought regarding compulsory education. Four points.
 19. President Woodrow Wilson passed the federal reserve act. Define this act. Four points.
 20. Define the League of Nations, its purpose and intentions. 5 points.
 21. Compare the League to today’s United Nations. 5 Points.
 22. Two aspects that prevented the League from passage. What are they. 5 points.
 23. Wilson’s foreign policy can be described as one word. Two points.
 24. Define the Sherman and Clayton  Anti Trust acts. 5 points.
 25 Define the Monroe and further Roosevelt Corollary. 5 points.
 26 Define Social Darwinism and its application as it applied to politics during the Progressive era. 5 points.
 27. Woodrow Wilson shaped and helped to define the modern day presidency. Name at least two historic changes implemented by Wilson still in existence today 4 points.
 28 Roosevelt built what waterway. Our partnership with this waterway is defined by what nation. 4 points.
 . 29. In a paragraph define a common theme among the presidencies of Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson. 6 Points.
 30. Two acts that defined tariff rates during the presidencies of  Taft and Wilson. Name one of the two. Two Points.
        February 2009
   Brian Twomey

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