FX Articles Today

Commonality to all fx articles today as follows:

1. Never an actual trade reported with entry and target.
2. Upside Could be, Looks like, Probably, if this then that

3. Downside. Could be, Looks like, Probably, if this then that
4. 4 hour chart. This is mandatory, or maybe 15 minute, don’t know why.

5. Must post chart with crazy drawings for verification
6. Must mention Fib level

7. Must contain yesterday’s useless information 
8. 1.3200 = Psyco level, Psychological level, the Figure, useless information.

9. Swing High or Low. Didn’t know prices swing

10. Must mention day’s events, useless but mention covid19 or today’s jacksonhole or centralbank speaker. m

11. Maybe offer useless technical level from pivot point or recent high or low

Why the need to post same pair everyday as Dukas Copy bank does and everyday they are wrong in levels, targets and direction. Swissquote too.
All posters are selling something but this is how they represents themselves to the public. These articles impart no knowledge, experience, trade ability or anything for that matter. 
Then comes website question. How is all this allowed and a benefit to readers and website bottom line. Major websites are now signal services and despite massive losses, no shortage of customers but all customers are new traders and plenty of new these type traders around. if new trader accounts are blown out then comes the next set of new traders. Its never ending cycle.

End result, entire article says nothing, imparts nothing and is useless to every Markettrader on the planet. And this is today’s accepted #FX

          Brian Twomey

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