Weekly Trade Results: EUR/CAD and EUR/GBP

Weekly Trades as Posted Sunday


1. Short 1.5667 and 1.5682 to target 1.5525.
Highs 1.5655, Lows 1.5527
Target Achieved

Trade Runs +128 Pips

2. Short 1.5473 to target 1.5301.Not traded

3. Long 1.5525 to target 1.5595.

Lows 1.5527, highs 1.5575
Trade Runs +48 Pips.

2 Trades, 3 days +176 Pips.


Short anywhere or 0.9266 if seen to target 0.9051.

Highs 0.9262, Lows 0.9094

Trade Runs +168 pips

3 trades, 3 days, +344 pips.

Note weekly Trades.

No charts, No graphs, No stops, No Fibs, No Indicators

No woulda, shoulda, looks like, maybe, probably, if this then that.

I know exactly what I’m doing as we trade continuous prices up and down or target to target.

Brian Twomey

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