Weekly Trade Results: AUD/USD and AUD/JPY

AUDUSD and AUDJPY Weekly Trade Results

Noted after the fact to Posted trade instructions was not fully complete nor mentioned to overall price Paths.

AUDUSD 1st leg +124 pips to 0.7193.

2nd leg
long from 0.7193 to 0.7279 profit +33 pips but failed to achieve target.

Here’s full instruction not posted.

Short 0.7107 to target 0.6993. 
AUDUSD Broke 0.7107 and lows 0.7028 so far.
The break 0.7107 meant 0.7193 longs were in trouble for 86 pips.
But 0.7107 to 0.7028 +79 pips.
A wash out but remains +124 pips from original trade.


 Longs from week’s start at 75.94 and 76.08 profit 44 pips.

Mistake to not post full price path to break 75.46 then short to target 74.49.

Lows 73.99 or Running +50 pips.

Break 75.46 meant longs from 75.94 were in trouble. by 58 pips. yet the break short at 75.46 runs +50 pips so another wash out trade.

JPY Cross pairs as mentioned began in a position to an interesting week and they didn’t fail us to interesting.

JPY cross pairs became leader currencies this week.
Go figure that happening and the answer is hardly ever, especially a dull pair  as USDJPY and a pair not worth a click for last few years.

                  Brian Twomey

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