The 2020 Election and Trump Victory

As stated at the start of Trump’s term, the objective for Trump is to put the sledge hammer down on the Democrats or his 4 year term will be in jeopardy to success.

Instead of the sledge hammer, Trump deployed a small hammer and finessed his successes by policy triumphs in tax breaks, eliminate regulations on the economic side and eradication of Obummer care, oil independence and a slew of accomplishments to numerous to list. Business and the masses benefited economically from Trump policies.

Trump’s second leg to policy achievements was the constant communication to the masses and the masses reciprocated by massive Trump support.

Coupled with every policy attainment and mass support, Trump eliminated the Democrats in the policy process and success brought a massive distinction between Republicans and anachronistic Democrats.

Trump’s greatest failure and now a problem for the 2020 elections is not prosecute the Democrats for treason and numerous felonies committed in the 2016 election. Trump should’ve released all the documents hidden on purpose in government agencies such as the State Department, CIA, FBI, DOJ.

Traditional Republicans never were strong fighters against the Democrats dating to Lincoln in the 1860’s. Republicans never fought against America’s greatest enemies: Wilson, F Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson otherwise America would be in a far greater place economically, culturally and socially than it is today.

Non prosecution and Democrat’s ability to escape treason and felonies, now leads to a far broader Republican problem to mail in ballots. Historically and holds today is the Democrats are clearly the smartest yet most evil organization ever formed in world history.

The Democrats know at this stage they can’t win elections nor would America accept Democrat policies. The Democrats face the challenge as they did when Republican presidents ruled from 1861 to Wilson in 1912. Literally 50 years of Republican Rule and the time of building America to the modern day from the ashes of the Civil War.

Democrat Plans

Nov 3 on election day, every street corner in America will see protesters, riots and destruction as never seen before. Black Lives Matter over last months was a trial run.

The derivation of Black Lives Matter. Occupy Wall Street and many other groups was the result of America’s Bummmer when he established during his presidency Community organizer companies. The organizations lack no shortage of people to sign up for $20 per hour and retain all stolen merchandise.

We’ve seen this story before in America when the Democrats stole the southern United States from total Republican control from the 1860′ s to 1890’s. The Democrats released the KKK, militia and Gun Groups to stand at voter precincts to force votes for Democrats. Republican officeholders were threatened with death if they failed to drop out of political races against Democrats. Many lost their lives and many fled their home states. Democrats held the south 80 years from the 1890’s to 1972 and Nixon’s Southern Strategy.

Election Scenarios

In the event of a Electoral tie vote and this maybe possible to a Biden win, then Article 2, Section 1, Clause 3 says a tie vote goes to the House of Representatives for a vote. The Democrats control the house and would vote Biden as President. This scenario was always my choice as Democrat strategy to elect Biden. Not necessarily by Electoral votes but find a way to throw the race to the House to vote Biden by a differential to popular vs Electoral votes.

We’ve seen this story 4 times in America’s history and the last was the 1877 race between Democrat Tilden vs Republican Rutherford B Hayes. Tilden won the popular and Electoral votes to become president but Republicans challenged the votes in 3 southern states, Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina and by a vote from the newly formed Electoral Commission, Hayes was voted President.

Democrats agreed to Hayes as President provided Hayes removed Federal troops from the South and eliminate Republican’s Reconstruction of the South. Well this gave Democrats full control to the south in electoral victories as Governors, Mayors and City Councils.

Contingent Elections

In the case of an Electoral College deadlock or if no candidate receives the majority of votes, a “contingent election” is held. The Election of president then goes to the House of Representatives.

Democrat demands today are Puerto Rico and Washington DC to become states, eliminate the Electoral College and more elected Senators to California.

The Electoral College is a mainstay since America’s beginning. Its what made America a Republic rather than a Democracy. Eliminate the Electoral College then only the popular vote survives to Presidential victories. This transforms America into a Democracy with ability to buy votes by office seekers. Th Electoral vote however is binding by law as Electors must vote the leading vote getter from each state.

The Democrats tried many times in the 1970’s to eliminate the Electoral College and failed specifically in the 91st Congress from 1969 to 1971.

California’s 50 + million people are represented by 1 Senator and California is a total Democrat State since 1992. The Democrats want 5 Senators. For California, Puerto Rico and Washington DC to become states and more representation to California, Congress must change the borders to create Federal districts.

Democrats crooked plan is the usual bully approach as they must overwhelm the system with Democrat Votes to claim the electoral system doesn’t work, its illegitimate, faulty. Democrats will claim see all the protestors in favor of Biden. Those are just ordinary citizens. Trump is the bully because he won’t leave the Presidency. Democrats will claim victory at every turn.

Can the Courts decide this election. The question is can anybody distinguish between legitimate Vs faulty votes. Democrats have mastered faulty votes throughout their entire existence as a party dating to Jefferson.

They key to votes is Trump must receive an overwhelming majority of electoral votes to defeat Democrats attempt to steal the election by popular vote and only then can courts rule in Trump’s favor as Electoral votes are most binding by Constitutional standards. Courts can’t rule against the Constitution nor rule against electors. Yet an imperative exists to vote Amy Barret to the courts to give Trump a super majority and no chance for defeat.


Brian Twomey


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