Trade Results: GBP/USD, EUR/USD, AUD/USD

The weekly GBP/USD trade posted, forecast and traded ended as 2 perfect trades to entries and targets. AUD/USD target at 0.7080 failed at 0.7095. The EUR/USD trade runs +83 pips and its target is yet to complete. EUR/GBP is what it is and like USD/JPY and USD/CHF, its not worth clicks.

Overall, nothing new to targets and trading as its been a standard practice for 10 + years.


Short 1.2991 and 1.3007 to target 1.2863
Highs 1.3007, Lows 1.2865
1 pip to target
Perfect Entry and target
Trade Ran +142 pips.

2ng leg

Long 1.2863 to target 1.2927.
Lows 1.2865, Highs 1.2828
Trade Runs +63 pips

Target complete

2 trades + 205 pips and 2 perfect targets

Alternative to 2nd leg is GBP day trade because the 3rd leg to the trade was 1.2831 as most vital high/low break. GBP/USD had 2 options. The first was break 1.2831 then GBP targets lower or GBP had to bounce.

As posted many supports exists to GBP/USD in the 1.2800’s so for this week, the long to 2nd trade was assured. To resort to a day trade only would’ve profited by about 60 ish pips but the day trade was far more guaranteed due to my perfection placed to day trades.


Short 1.1790 and 1.1802 to target 1.1628
Highs 1.1807, Lows 1.1724
Trade Runs +83 pips

Long way to target


Short 0.7227 & 0.7237 to target 0.7080.
Highs 0.7208, Lows 0.7095
Trade now runs + 113 Pips.

AUDUSD dropped 19 pips before 0.7227 entry and target fell short by 15 pips.

4 trades, 3 days and +401 pips

As usual, trades are few but profits high. Imagine profits to the weekly 18 pairs traded every week. And no stops, no screen watching, no charts. My pen, paper and calculator is far more powerful.

Brian Twomey

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