Weekly Currency Pairs Order of Operations

Clear drivers and leaders to Currency markets over the past 4 ish weeks are USD Vs Non currency pairs. Non USD currency pairs are EUR/USD, GBP/USD, NZD/USD and AUD/USD Vs USD/CAD, USD/CHF and USD/JPY. Non USD currency pairs all trade above respective MA’s while USD pairs trade below.

The Non USD Vs USD lineup is correct. The correct lineup and sufficient ranges is what drove trades over the past month as clear long and short points were identified. Trades in USD Vs Non USD was the only trades of any profit value and the same situation exists in the current week. The same circumstance may exists for many weeks to come.

The non drivers and non leaders to Currency markets over the past 4 ish weeks are currency cross pairs in the universe of USD vs Non USD.

Viewed from EUR top and NZD bottom currency pairs, its obvious why cross pairs aren’t moving nor trading correctly and its due to cross pair mis positions.


NZD/USD trades above MA’s.
NZD/JPY trades above 69.56 by 2 pips.
NZD/CHF Trades below.
NZD/CAD trades below.

2 pairs trade above and 2 pairs trade below. This situation is clearly enough to compress ranges.

NZD/CHF for example is a dead issue to ranges due to its position between NZD/CAD and NZD/JPY. NZD/CAD’s correct position is above all NZD pairs and should be the first currency pair shown. NZD/CAD as first position and top currency pair drives the NZD universe. NZD/CHF’s correct position is bottom pair. When NZD/CHF assumes its correct position as bottom pair then it trades correctly and in its proper ranges. NZD/JPY lacks a clue to direction as it can easily fly either way. NZD/USD exits as the only clear trade.


EUR/USD trades above
EUR/JPY above by 12 pips
EUR/CHF below
EUR/CAD below
EUR/NZD Below by 2 pips
EUR/AUD above
EUR/GBP above.

EUR/USD is clear driver and only trade beside EUR/AUD. Ranges severely compressed as EUR/USD must decide the fate of its cross pairs.


GBP/USD trades above
GBP/JPY below
GBP/CHF below
GBP/CAD below
GBP/NZD below

GBP/AUD above by 3 pips. Ranges went into severe compression mode.


AUD/USD above by 2 pips
AUD/JPY below
AUD/CHF below
AUD/CAD below
AUD/NZD below

Ranges in AUD are good in relation to its counterparts and sufficient enough to see a good move for this week’s RBA announcement.

USD/CAD trades below its vital MA;s but contains excellent ranges.

EUR/USD, USD/CAD and AUD/USD contain the best ranges to trade this week as USD Vs Non USD drives this week markets.

Brian Twomey

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