Missed Entries and Targets

Here’s the question. Are USD and Non USD currencies in sync to cross pairs in their universe. The answer depends to the time period and prices. As we’ve seen over the past 4 and 5 weeks, USD Vs Non were off kilter to cross pairs. Now cross pairs are in sync again.

But does this situation mean compatibility remains. Maybe.

In other market times, cross pairs are the drivers to USD and NON

From February 2019 to July and the last time I fully recorded deeply 10 and 12 weekly trades, USD Vs Non and Cross pairs were perfectly in compliance. Trade entries and targets were perfect over the 5 months and many pips were earned.

To the question of trades going off course, important is a 2019 week when prices and trades went haywire was about once or twice every few months but the situation rectified quickly so the next week was back to normal. This must assume currency markets and prices were properly aligned. Ranges in 2019 were fairly wide so it was easier for prices to correct.

The vast majority of our weeks today remain good to entries, targets and profits. But I’ve seen a few extra weeks when prices went off course which means today didn’t match to the consistency of 2019 to once or twice every few months. Ranges today are far less than in 2019. Which hold the answer to off course predictability. Range compression to cross pairs over the past 4 weeks or so informed crazy prices were coming. And only cross pairs were affected and not USD Vs Non USD.

As currency pairs today are pretty much in accordance from USD to Non and cross pairs, its imperative to monitor ranges to determine if USD Vs Non will dominate cross pairs, or cross pairs dominate USD V Non or do USD Vs Non hold its current perfect balance to cross pairs.

The proper way to currency markets is USD V Non hold consistency to cross pair alignments. Off kilter occurs when the balance is skewed to USD V Non and cross pairs.

Brian Twomey

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