1887 Electoral Vote Count Law

This is the law Trump is banking on to remain president. January 6th is going to be a great day and a day to learn to what may never be seen again in the United States.

Th Electoral College is not a 1 person and 1 man vote so to declare majority votes the winner to all electoral votes and then certify a president. Its exists to stop fraud in the vote system as happened to Trump.

In the House of Representatives, each state has Electoral Votes according to the number of representatives in a state delegation. Let’s say for example South Carolina has 5 representatives. South Carolina has 5 Electoral votes. The vote is by state.

The key to Trump’s initial strategy in the House of Representatives is Republicans hold a majority of most State delegations. If the Electors of the State are Trump supporters then the state must vote for the Republican slate of electors as Republicans vote for Republicans.

What if the House of Representatives votes for Pence as President and Pence earns a majority vote. The votes then transfer to the Senate for a vote where the Republicans have a majority. Pence is the Presiding Officer of the Senate and has ability to cast the final vote. The Pence vote will be voted for Trump by Pence and Trump wins.

The Senate has the ability to reject votes such as from Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina and Arizona. However those states are Republican States and if the electors are Republicans so chosen and Republicans hold a majority in the state delegations then those Electors will vote Trump and Trump then receives a majority of the total 270 Electoral votes needed to win.

This vote to the 5 swing states can actually occur in the House of Representatives and if a majority is voted for Republicans then the Senate Rubber stamps the electoral votes and Trump wins.

The fallback point if any would exist is this 1887 law on Counting Electoral Votes. Louis Gomert lawsuit to sue Pence based on the 1887 law must be heard by the Supreme Court and where Republicans hold a majority 5 -4 vote. At least 5 -4 to exclude our new enemy Roberts.

Here’s the main argument to the 1887 law.

When all objections so made to any vote or paper from a State
shall have been received and read, the Senate shall thereupon withdraw,

and such objections shall be submitted to the Senate for its decision; and
the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall, in like manner, submit returns. submit such objections to the House of Representatives for its decision; and

no electoral vote or votes from any State which shall have been regularly
given by electors whose appointment has been lawfully certified to according to section three of this act from which but one return has been
received shall be rejected,

but the two Houses concurrently may reject
the vote or votes when they agree that such vote or votes have not been
Conflicting re- so regularly given by electors whose appointment has been so certiturns. fled.

If more than one return or paper purporting to be a return from
a State shall have been received by the President of the Senate, those
votes, and those only, shall be counted which shall have been regularly given by the electors who are shown by the determination mentioned in section two of this act to have been appointed,

if the determination in said section provided for shall have been made, or by such successors or substitutes, in case of a vacancy in the board of electors so
ascertained, as have been appointed to fill such vacancy in the mode
provided by the laws of the State;

but in case there shall arise the question which of two or more of such State authorities determining what
electors have been appointed, as mentioned in section two of this act,

is the lawful tribunal of such State, the votes regularly given of those
electors, and those only, of such State shall be counted whose title as
electors the two Houses, acting separately, shall concurrently decide is
supported by the decision of such State so authorized by its laws; and

in such case of more than one return or paper purporting to be a return
from a State, if there shall have been no such determination of the question in the State aforesaid, then those votes, and those only, shall be
counted which the two Houses shall concurrently decide were cast by
lawful electors appointed in accordance with the laws of the State,

unless the two Houses, acting separately, shall concurrently decide such
votes not to be the lawful votes of the legally appointed electors of such

But if the two Houses shall disagree in respect of the counting
of such votes, then, and in that case,

the votes of the electors whose
appointment shall have been certified by the Executive of the State,
Announcement under the seal thereof, shall be counted. When the two Houses have
of decision. voted, they shall immediately again meet, and the presiding officer shall
then announce the decision of the questions submitted.

No votes or
papers from any other State shall be acted upon until the objections
previously made to the votes or papers from any State shall have been
finally disposed of.

Brian Twomey


In the January 2020 article, EUR predicts EUR, I revealed how to factor by calculator how all EUR/USD roads lead to EUR/GBP by either EUR/USD reciprocals or as EUR/USD seen by most as 1.2250 for example.

And for interested, from November 2019 to January 2020, located on site here is GBP Predicts GBP, AUD Predicts AUD, NZD predicts NZD, CAD predicts CAD and JPY predicts JPY.

Traders learn how to trade true exchange rates by exchange rates using a calculator. Not only simple and highly profitable but its all mathematically correct. And takes 2 seconds.

EUR/USD perfect opposite currency pair is CAD/ZAR. Peter Wadkins wrote over many years, CAD/ZAR is the true commodity currency. due to the Combination and CAD/ZAR derivation as USD/CAD and USD/ZAR.

Find CAD/ZAR price by divide USD/ZAR by USD/CAD. Today CAD/ZAR trading price is 11.36 by USD/ZAR 14.5777 divide USD/CAD 1.2823.

CAD/ZAR big high / Low break is located at 11.86 and EUR/USD 1.1974.

CAD/ZAR as EUR/USD perfect opposite currency is the same as saying CAD/ZAR is the perfect opposite to EUR/USD because CAD/ZAR is actually a USD currency Pair. If EUR/USD is transformed to its reciprocal as USD/EUR then CAD/ZAR and USD/EUR become the same exact same currency pair. See the first chart below.

CAD/ZAR traditionally moves far wider than EUR/USD.

Strategy. If CAD/ZAR breaks above 11.86 then it trades higher and EUR/USD trades lower. Much lower.

Below 1 week USD/EUR Vs CAD/ZAR

Click to enlarge

Below 1 week EUR/USD Vs CAD/ZAR. EUR/USD to high and CAD/ZAR to low.

Click to enlarge

EUR/USD Vs CAD/ZAR 1 month

Click to enlarge

EUR/USD Vs CAD/ZAR 3 months

Click to enlarge

EUR/USD Vs CAD/ZAR 1 Year and the Big Crossover

Click to enlarge

EUR/USD Vs CAD/ZAR 2 years

Click to enlarge

Brian Twomey

The Week: Currency Prices and Averages

About 1 month ago, GBP/USD, AUD/USD and NZD/USD prices broke above 5 year averages and caused a severe mis alignment to the remainder 25 currency pairs. Required to align was either remainder 25 currency pairs break above 5 year averages or GBP, AUD and NZD break below. The synopsis.

EUR/USD remains inside the 10 and 14 year averages at 1.2124 and 1.2632. At 1.2600’s, EUR trades at the top of its averages dating to 1999. Break below 1.2124 and 1.1963 targets 1.1700’s. And this is exactly where EUR will trade. Nothing special for this week as EUR closed in dead neutral.

EUR/JPY 5 and 10 year averages are located at 124.24 and 123.82 while the 14 year is located 200 pips above current 126.26 price at 128.51. The range is pretty much 200 pips from 125.00’s to 127.00’s. EUR/JPY is overbought for this week.

EUR/AUD sits comfortably above 1.5611 and deeply oversold for this week. Big break higher is located at exactly 1.6181 to then target 1.6200’s.

The movers to the EUR complex and best trades are EUR/USD, EUR/JPY and EUR/AUD.

GBP/USD Must break 1.3223 and the 5 year average at 1.3085 to travel lower. Short and medium term, GBP is deeply overbought. GBP is massively overbought for the week.

GBP/JPY approaches its 5 year average at 143.23 and overbought for the week.
GBP/USD and GBP/JPY are clear drivers to remaining GBP cross pairs.
GBP/NZD and GBP/AUD 5 year averages are located at 1.9215 and 1.7986.


The drivers to AUD are AUD/USD and top pair in the AUD complex, AUD/CAD. AUD pairs are perfectly aligned and deeply overbought for the week. AUD/JPY’s 5 year average is located at 79.79. AUD/CAD 10 year average is located just above at 0.9805 while AUD/USD is found at 0.7289.


NZD/USD is well supported at 0.6903 and 0.6820. The next big line is located at 0.7264. NZD/JPY do or die next average lines are located at 74.03 and 74.65. NZD/CAD as top pair is overbought yet 5 year is found at 0.8979.

NZD driver pairs are NZD/CAD top pair and NZD/CHF as bottom most currency pair bot only for NZD but in a 64 pair lineup to include EM’s.

GBP/USD Vs USD/CAD dividing line is located at 1.3185 and USD/CAD’s 5 year at 1.3177.


Oversold USD/JPY next big lines below are 103.03 and 102.38. Intervention by the BOJ to rescue a falling JPY? Central banks rarely intervene in the modern day, particularly on a large scale. Intervention since 2016 is done through daily changes to interest rates. Its the best, easiest, guaranteed and no cost approach to adjust exchange rates.

Brian Twomey

Trading Currency Pair Price Spreads

Dear friends, long time followers and the many recent traders to the site

Merry Christmas and God’s love, grace and mercies to a new healthy, happy and prosperous new year.

Idleness to postings is the result of a 70 -80 page book on the wild Congressional election of 1870 in South Carolina and scheduled to publish sometime in January.

The book is derived from 6 months of research and from original research as the papers and testimony from both candidates. Original research from Congress, S.C archives, Congressional Globe, Annals of Congress and 1000’s upon 1000’s of newspaper articles covering 10 ish years.

GBP/USD closed 1.3530 and USD/CAD 1.2841 or 689 pips. This spread is far to wide. As was sent to FX Street and never published, we’ve seen rare days of 1100 pip spreads. Normal is 300 to 500 then 6 to 8 requires warning and above 800 then free trades and free money exists.

Last Sunday open, the spread was 700 ish pips and on Monday, GBP fell 300 pips to 1.3100’s and USD/CAD rose about 300 to high 1.2900’s from low 1.2700’s. Once the spread regained a normal 200 and 300 pips then the spread widened again to current 700 pips.

The message to trading spreads for GBP/USD and USD/CAD is either GBP is overbought or oversold or USD/CAD is overbought or oversold. Today, GBP/USD is overbought and USD/CAD is oversold. Spreads expand and contract, expand and contract and all based on the price and nothing else. GBP and CAD is the best currencies to trade spreads due to its perfect opposite price relationship.

Another way to view and trade spreads is GBP/CHF is derived from GBP/USD and CAD/CHF. For CAD/CHF is the opposite pair to USD/CAD and opposite to GBP/CHF.

Note how EUR/NZD and GBP/NZD always maintains an 1800 pip spread. Any trading day and anytime of any trading day, the spread maintains 1800 pips. GBP/NZD closed 1.9012 and EUR/NZD 1.7114 or 1898 pip spread. The spread is off by 98 pips and a free 98 pip trade. Either GBP/NZD must drop or EUR/NZD must rise. I have EUR/NZD rise this week.

EUR/NZD and GBP/CAD are opposite pairs. GBP/CAD closed at 1.7376 and EUR/NZD 1.7114 or 262 pips and at extremes to spreads. GBP/CAD lower this week will close the gap.

Always note price crossovers for free trades. If EUR/NZD rises and GBP/CAD drops then the dividing line between both is 1.7245. This is the point of either a crossover will occur then expansion or prices will again contract.

GBP/USD Vs USD/CAD dividing line is 1.3185 and note GBP/USD last week hit exactly at 1.3185. A break above or below 1.3185 is required for GBP/USD or USD/CAD to crossover and see price expansion. But 1.3185 is the point of contraction as was seen last week.

GBP/NZD and EUR/NZD won’t ever see crossovers to prices because the spread of prices is far to wide. GBP/AUD and EUR/AUD won’t ever trade crossovers because the spread is far to wide.

EURUSD Vs Current NZDCHF as the bottom most currency price.

Current NZDCHF 0.6313 V EURUSD 1.2178

Take 1.2178 – 0.6313 = 0.5865

0.5865 Divide by 2 = 0.2932

NZDCHF 0.6313 + 0.2932 = NZDCAD 0.9245

NZDCAD Close 0.9168 V target 0.9245

Watch NZD/CAD 0.9245 as a contraction point and price drops.

NZDJPY Close 73.71, Big High/ Low Break point 72.07 or 164 pips.

From 0.7371 to move the decimal point, Big High/ Low Break point becomes 67.05 or 667 pips from 73.71 or 667 pips from 0.7371 to 0.6705.

No difference to the Distribution, scales remain the exact same. The only question is how far one wishes to view the price.


EURNZD 0.7114

NZDUSD 0.7111

NZDCHF 0.6313

NZDJPY 0.7371 – 0.6313 = 0.6842 or = NZD/USD support and Target. NZD/USD price will expand or contract.

To Continue

EURNZD 0.7114 -0.6313 = 06713

NZDUSD 0.7111 – NZD/CHF = 0.6313 = 0.6712 NZD/USD support.

NZD/USD is well supported at 0.6842 and 0.6712.

The Trader Mastered exact Science of Trading when

1. Dump Charts

2. Calculate trades under 2 minutes

3. Know exact price location every Second

4. Target Most Vital,

5. Entry, secondary

6. Understand & repair Missed entry

7. Targets Hit

8. No stops

Contact for trades brian@btwomey.com

Brian Twomey

GBP/USD VS USD/CAD Averages and Targets

GBPUSD 1.3520 V USDCAD 1.2779 Closes or Whopper 741 Pips Spread.

Says Market at extremes. I’ve seen 1100 spreads but extreme rare day.

How to #trade both? By #Averages

As GBP trades lower then CAD trades higher to alleviate the massive spread

5 Day `1.3490 #Target 1.3576

10 Day 1.3404 #target 1.3542

20 Day 1.3389 #target 1.3505

50 Day 1.3276 #Target 1.3432

100 Day 1.3099 #Target 1.3314

200 Day 1.2955 #Target 1.3260

253 day 1.2840 #Target 1.3205

5 Day 1.2740 #Target 1.2769

10 Day 1.2757 #Target 1.2787

20 Day 1.2817 #Target 1.2731

50 Day 1.2974 #Target 1.2818

100 Day 1.3106 #target 1.2925

200 day 1.3255 #Target 1.3018

253 Day 1.3396 #Target 1.3032

#GBP Overbought, #CAD Oversold

#trade both, not just 1 #currency

#USDCAD 5 Year #Average
1.3180, #Target 1.2790 achieved

#GBP 5 year #Average

1.3087 #target 1.3713


Crossover 1.3180 vs 1.3095 Area
Crossover means significantly Higher #USDCAD and Miles lower #GBPUSD

Crossovers not ready yet

GBP/USD big High / Low Break for week 1.3207

USD/CAD Big High / Low Break for week 1.3006

USDCAD Close 1.2779 or 227 pips from 1.3006

GBP/USD Close 1.3520 or 313 pips from 1.3207

Trading crossovers short term 1.3206 V 1.3006 or 200 pips

Brian Twomey

FX Commentary and Vital Averages

EUR/USD, NZD/USD and USD/CAD traded a 100 pip range last week while AUD/USD roamed 200 and GBP/USD 300 pips.

Over last 3 weeks, EUR/USD, NZD/USD, AUD/USD and GBP/USD traded a 300 pip range while USD/CAD traded 400 pips.

Last week, EUR/JPY traded 100 pips, GBP/JPY traded 400, AUD/JPY 200 and both NZD/JPY and CAD/JPY traded 100 pips.

Last 3 weeks, EUR/JPY ranged 400 pips, GBP/JPY 400 pips, AUD/JPY 300 , CAD/JPY 300 and NZD/JPY 200. GBP/JPY total 400 pips traded last week.

Last week, GBP/CHF range traded 200 pips, AUD/CHF 200 and NZD/CHF 100 pip range.

Last 3 weeks, GBP/CHF range traded 400 pips, AUD/CHF 200 and NZD/CHF 100.

Last week, GBP/NZD range traded 500 pips and 200 for EUR/NZD.

Last 3 weeks, GBP/NZD range traded 700 pips and 300 for EUR/NZD.

Last week, GBP/AUD traded 600 pips, EUR/AUD 300 pips and GBP/CAD 500.

Last 3 weeks, GBP/AUD traded a 900 pips range, GBP/CAD 700 and EUR/AUD 300 pips.

GBP pairs traded the best ranges last week in relation to the last 3 weeks otherwise GBP pairs would’ve traded 1/2 the ranges.

GBP/USD dropped 300 pips from richter scale overbought while deeply oversold GBP cross pairs lack any resemblance of a clue what to do next and decided to drop into deeper oversold status.

While GBP/USD dropped 300 pips, AUD/USD failed to follow and traded 100 pips higher while EUR/USD, NZD/USD and USD/CAD remained in a 100 pips range. GBP lower and AUD/USD higher assisted GBP cross pairs lower.

The traded ranges for GBP/NZD, GBP/AUD, EUR/AUD and GBP/CHF were actually not unusual as all hit the weekly normality price and had a deep decision to rise significantly higher or drop. GBP/CAD, a severely off kilter currency pair traded to deep non normal.

NZD/USD and cross pairs are trading in tiny ranges however NZD/JPY and NZD/CHF are aligned correctly to NZD/USD. Same status for AUD/USD as cross pairs are aligned.
Overall, GBP/USD, AUD/USD and NZD/USD contain problems to 5 year averages at GBP/USD 1.3093, AUD/USD at 0.7286, NZD/USD 0.6818. EUR/JPY joins the ranks to cross 5 year averages at 124.28 and explains why EUR/JPY failed to follow GBP/JPY last week.

Break of 5 year averages and failure to follow from Cross pairs is causing many price problems to cross pairs as cross pair 5 year averages are miles away from current prices.


GBP/USD is well supported by its vital high/ low point at 1.3145 then the 5 year average at 1.3095 and many averages at 1.2900’s. The recommendation this week is deep caution to GBP/USD and / or stand clear as GBP/USD remains dead center inside wide ranges. A trade is not available.

Deep caution as well to GBP/JPY. Both GBP/USD and GBP/JPY rank last on the GBP scale. GBP/USD can trade easily to the 1.3100 break or 1.3400. Better trades exist rather than shooting dice.
GBP cross pairs GBP/NZD, GBP/CHF, GBP/CAD and GBP/AUD are deeply oversold and severely off kilter to GBP/USD and GBP/JPY. Long against caution.


AUD/USD is well supported at the 5 year average 0.7286 then the high/ low point at 0.7276. An alignment is finally reached and massively overbought AUD must decide its destiny to correct and travel higher or break 0.7200’s and travel lower. AUD/USD is aligned to its cross pairs and all sit at overbought. Far better trades this week than GBP.


NZD/USD 5 year average at 0.6818 then the high / low point at 0.6850 finally aligns NZD. At NZD/USD at 0.7000’s sits at dead neutral while cross pairs NZD/JPY and NZD//CHF are overbought.


EUR/USD approaches the 10 year average at 1.2188 and is massively overbought from lower averages at 1,1200;s to 1.1800’s. EUR/USD will eventually trade to 1.1700’s. It must trade to 1.1700’s.

EUR/JPY is the EUR/USD problem to lower EUR/USD. Lower for EUR/JPY must break 124.51, the 5 year average at 124.28 then the 10 year at 123.77. Above, EUR/JPY faces the 15 year average at 128.59. Overall 124.00’s to 128.00 and a 400 pip range.

USD/CAD higher must break 1.3063 then its 5 year average at 1.3184. Notice GBP/USD 5 year average 1.3095 and 1.3063 for USD/CAD. Notice GBP/USD 1.3145 to USD/CAD 1.3184.
Overall currency market prices are defined by GBP/USD and USD/CAD 1.3000 and 1.3100’s. USD is defined by 1.3000’s and 1.3100’s. GBP/USD and USD/CAD lower and higher by crossovers is defined by 1.3000’s and 1.3100’s.

Currency markets will continue to trade uneven prices until a resolution of 5 year averages is seen for GBP/USD, AUD/USD, NZD/USD and EUR/JPY. However AUD and NZD are beginning to normalize, EUR/JPY is supported and higher for GBP/USD will see the 1.3095 meet its vital break point at 1.3145. GBP/USD will then normalize.

GBP/CHF this week is deeply oversold while AUD/CHF is overbought and NZD/CHF fairly neutral.

Brian Twomey

Weekly Trades: EUR/USD and NZD/JPY

Not only are 18 weekly currency pairs traded week after week over many years but 18 pairs are ranked as best to least favored. This preview I’m offering is new and not yet completely validated to 18 pairs but CHF cross pairs as GBP/CHF, AUD/CHF and NZD/CHF seem to trade really well on a rotation basis every 2 weeks. Last week, CHF cross pairs ran well at +100 pips.

Entries and targets performed perfectly which means CHF pairs traded normally. USD and Non USD pairs fell far off normal. This week, CHF cross pairs are low on the rankings and USD V Non USD receive high rankings. CHF cross pairs are lower ranging while lately, USD V Non pairs are trading in wide, wide ranges.

The other concept is CHF cross pairs relation to EUR/NZD and GBP/NZD. EUR/NZD and GBP/NZD last week also received high ranking but this doesn’t happen often except for about every 2 to 3 weeks. Early assumption until I get to this concept further is CHF pairs are running wide and good along with GBP/NZD and EUR/NZD.

Markets and currency pairs seem to work on a rotation basis which wouldn’t be unusual for markets generally.

Low ranking pairs this week: AUD/CHF, NZD/CHF, EUR/NZD, GBP/CHF and GBP/NZD.

We’ll Run EUR/USD and NZD/JPY again this week. NZD/JPY closed at last week’s entry price at 73.37 and barely moved 100 pips while EUR/USD decided to travel 100 pips past entry. Beside the least favored pairs above, 13 pairs begin the week at extreme overbought and oversold levels. Entries hardly matters

Overall, JPY cross pairs are overbought and the risk of 5 year averages remain upon us.


Short Anywhere or 1.2130 and 1.2154 to target 1.1892

Long 1.1892 to target 1.1963.

Short below 1.1820 to target 1.1677


 Short 73.46 and 73.66 to target 72.29. 

long 72.29 to target 72.68.

 Short below 71.51 to target 70.33. Long 70.33 to target 71.12

Brian Twomey

Currency In Circulation, Volume, Debt

Great quote from the 1860’s. Purpose of Currency is for use to live properly, to receive and pay expenses, for correct existence. My Quote. But nobody has currency.

This is primitive yet subtract currency in circulation year to year from bonds outstanding.

Full Currency in Circulation numbers are released yearly.

Currency in Circulation as of November 2020 = 2.01 trillion or 2, 000, 000, 000, 000.

Currency in Circulation 2019 Value in Billions: 1, 800, 000.

For 2018 = 1,6000, 000

Increased every year since 1999.

Costs $800 million for total Cash operations to print, destroy old, wages, Etc.

Volume of currency Billions. 2019 = 44.9 billion, 2018 = 43.4 billion. 2020 = 2,055, 678

USD total Fixed Income Outstanding 40%. Then 2 trillion X 40% = $800,000,000,000

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is coin_currcircvalue.jpg
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is coin_currcircvolume.jpg
Market Value of U.S. Government Debt
Market Value of U.S. Government Debt as a Share of GDP
Market Value of U.S. Government Debt
Market Value of U.S. Government Debt as a Share of GDP

Brian Twomey

18 Weekly Currency Trades

3 pairs went off entry by 100 ish pips: EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY. How about NZD/JPY and CAD/JPY off by about 50 ish pips which is nothing except extra weekly Pips.

Big winners and Perfect Trades: GBP/AUD and EUR/NZD at +227 and + 203 or +430 pips.

GBP/NZD + 100 ish Pips. Entry perfect but target not achieved.

USD/CAD + 83 pips, perfect entry but no follow through

AUD/USD, AUD/CHF and AUD/JPY Now at weekly entry points

EUR/AUD +100 ish Pips and note GBP/AUD +227. Big divergency between both. GBP/AUD over last week’s has been great trades and good entries and targets.

NZD/USD, NZD/CHF now at weekly entries, and Short anywhere for NZD/JPY.

GBP/JPY. Interesting GBP/USD entry off 64 pips and GBP/CHF entry off 44 pips but target achieved from 1.2108 and 2nd leg perfect and achieved for +99 pips.

GBPCAD off entry 40 ish pips but target achieved for +155 pips.

As usual we trade the entire currency market perfectly every week over many, many years for 1000 + pips weekly. Certain weeks more, other weeks slightly less but 1000 is good average. And 80 day trades for 98 weekly trades.

See for yourself and notice the trade rankings.


Note. Ranges expanded and are wide. Means 200 and 300 ish pip moves possible. Also means targets are further than normal. Note ranges by extra range points added. The week begins as USD such as USD/CAD in severe oversold and Non  USD such as EUR/USD,

AUD/USD, GBP/USD and NZD/USD severe overbought. Concerning aspect is 5  year averages for GBP/USD, AUD/USD and NZD/USD to trade above those averages at 1.3107, 0.7285 and 0.6813.

EUR/USD Break Point 1.1754, below targets 1.1632.

Strategy. Short 1.1999 and 1.2019 to target 1.1815. Must cross 1.1979, 1.1959, 1.1939, 1.1919, 1.1899, 1.1879, 1.1859, 1.1839 and 1.1819. Short below 1.1754 to target 1.1632. Long 1.1632 to target 1.1713. Cautious long 1.1819 to target 1.1876. Long only strategy.

EUR/AUD. Break Point 1.6340, above targets 1.6457.

Strategy. Long 1.6147 and 1.6139 to target 1.6290. Must cross 1.6163, 1.6179, 1.6195, 1.6211, 1.6227, 1.6243, 1.6249, 1.6265 and 1.6281. Long above 1.6340 to target 1.6457. Short 1.6457 to target 1.6374. Cautious short 1.6290 to target 1.6222. Short only strategy.

EUR/NZD. Break Point 1.7383, above targets 1.7516.

Strategy. Long 1.7001 and 1.6984 to target 1.7283. Must cross 1.7016, 1.7032, 1.7048, 1.7064, 1.7080, 1.7096, 1.7112, 1.7128, 1.7144, 1.7160, 1.7176, 1.7192, 1.7208, 1.7224, 1.7240, 1.7256 and 1.7272. Long above 1.7383 to target 1.7516. Short 1.7516 to target 1.7450. Cautious short 1.7283 to target 1.7150. Weekly strategy.

USD/CAD. Break Point 1.3187, above targets 1.3313.

Strategy. Long 1.2940 and 1.2929 to target 1.3122. Must cross 1.2961, 1.2982, 1.3003, 1.3024, 1.3045, 1.3066, 1.3087 and 1.3108. Long above 1.3187 to target 1.3313. Short 1.3313 to target 1.3251. Cautious short 1.3122 to target 1.3058. Short only strategy.

CAD/JPY. Break Point 79.66, below targets 79.17.

Strategy. Short 80.26 and 80.36 to target 79.76. Must cross 80.06 and 79.86. Short below 79.66 to target 79.17. Long 79.17 to target 79.57. Cautious long 79.76 to target 80.16. Long only strategy.

NZD/USD. Break Point 0.6765, below targets 0.6625.

Strategy. Short 0.7044 and 0.7067 to target 0.6835. Must cross 0.7021, 0.6998, 0.6975, 0.6952, 0.6929, 0.6906, 0.6883, 0.6860 and 0.6837. Short below 0.6765 to target 0.6625. Long 0.6625 to target 0.6719. Cautious long 0.6835 to target 0.6902. Long only strategy.

NZD/JPY. Break Point 71.04, below targets 70.34.

Strategy. Short 73.15 and 73.32 to target 71.56. Must cross 72.97, 72.79, 72.61, 72.43, 72.25, 72.07, 71.89 and 71.71. Short below 71.04 to target 70.34. Long 70.34 to target 70.86. Cautious long 71.56 to target 72.14. Long only strategy.

NZD/CHF. Break Point 0.6199, below targets 0.6111.Strategy. Short 0.6377 and 0.6391 to target 0.6259. Must cross 0.6363, 0.6349, 0.6335, 0.6321, 0.6307, 0.6293, 0.6279  and  0.6265.Short below 0.6199 to target 0.6111. Long 0.6111 to target 0.6171. Cautious long 0.6259 to target 0.6314. Long only strategy.

AUD/USD. Break Point 0.7195, below targets 0.7081.

Strategy. Short 0.7419 and 0.7428 to target 0.7251. Must cross 0.7401, 0.7383, 0.7365, 0.7347, 0.7329, 0.7311, 0.7293, 0.7275 and 0.7257. Short below 0.7195 to target 0.7081. Long 0.7081 to target 0.7158. Cautious long 0.7251 to target 0.7306. Long only strategy.

AUD/JPY. Break Point 75.56, below targets 74.80.

Strategy. Short 77.08 and 77.20 to target 75.94. Must cross 76.82, 76.56, 76.30 and 76.04. Short below 75.56 to target 74.80. Long 74.80 to target 75.31. Cautious long 75.94 to target 76.32. Long only strategy.

AUD/CHF. Break Point 0.6594, below targets 0.6535.

Strategy. Short 0.6711 and 0.6720 to target 0.6614. Must cross 0.6692, 0.6673, 0.6654 and 0.6635. Short below 0.6594 to target 0.6535. Long 0.6535 to target 0.6575. Cautious long 0.6614 to target 0.6652. Long only strategy.

EUR/JPY. Break Point 123.44, below targets 122.85.Strategy. Short 124.63 and 124.82 to target 123.74. Must cross 124.43, 124.23, 124.03 and 123.83. Short below 123.44 to target 122.85. Long 122.85 to target 123.24. Cautious long 123.74 to target 124.23. Long only strategy.


Favored trades this week: GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, GBP/NZD, GBP/AUD, GBP/CHF, GBP/CAD

GBP/USD. Break Point 1.3093, below targets 1.2935.

Strategy. Short 1.3365 and 1.3378 to target 1.3175. Must cross 1.3338, 1.3311, 1.3284, 1.3257, 1.3230 and 1.3203. Short below 1.3093 to target 1.2935. Long 1.2935 to target 1.3039. Cautious long 1.3175 to target 1.3256. Long only strategy.

GBP/JPY. Break Point 137.51, below targets 136.60.

Strategy. Short 139.02 and 139.17 to target 137.81. Must cross 138.86, 138.70, 138.54, 138.38, 138.22, 138.06 and 137.90. Short below 137.51 to target 136.60. Long 136.60 to target 137.21. Cautious long 137.81 to target 138.42. Long only strategy.

GBP/NZD. Break Point 1.9362, above targets 1.9473.

Strategy. Long Anywhere or 1.8918 to target 1.9251. Must cross 1.8945, 1.8972, 1.8999, 1.9026, 1.9053, 1.9080, 1.9107, 1.9134, 1.9161, 1.9188, 1.9215 and 1.9242. Long above 1.9362 to target 1.9473. Short 1.9473 to target 1.9418. Cautious short 1.9251 to target 1.9140. Weekly strategy.

GBP/AUD. Break Point 1.8202, above targets 1.8317.

Strategy. Long Anywhere or 1.7986 and 1.7979 to target 1.8159. Must cross 1.8001, 1.8014, 1.8028, 1.8042, 1.8056, 1.8070, 1.8084, 1.8098, 1.8112, 1.8126, 1.8140 and 1.8153. Long above 1.8202 to target 1.8317. Short 1.8317 to target 1.8231. Cautious short 1.8159 to target 1.8087. Weekly strategy.

GBP/CHF. Break Point 1.1999, below targets 1.1902.

Strategy. Short 1.2096 and 1.2108 to target 1.2023. Must cross 1.2072, 1.2048 and 1.2024. Short below 1.1999 to target 1.1902. Long 1.1902 to target 1.1975. Cautious long 1.2023 to target 1.2072. Long only strategy.

GBP/CAD. Break Point 1.7259, below targets 1.7155.Strategy. Short 1.7342 and 1.7363 to target 1.7280. Must cross 1.7322, 1.7302 and 1.7282. Short below 1.7259 to target 1.7155. Long 1.7155 to target 1.7238. Cautious long 1.7280 to target 1.7322. Weekly Strategy.

Brian Twomey

5 Year Averages: EUR, AUD, NZD, GBP, EUR/JPY

Following currencies broke above 5 year averages.: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, NZD/USD and EUR/JPY.

EUR/USD Broke its 5 year average at 1.1336. The next average to break is the 10 year at 1.2131 and 1.2169. Top of EUR/USD 20 year range is 1.2600’s. The 20 year mid point is locate at 1.1954.

EUR/USD remains richter scale overbought from averages 1.1200’s to 1.1700. Lower requires a break of 1.1781 to target 1.1400’s. Current range 1.1781 – 1.2131.
No excitement to 1.2131 as lower averages remain far more overbought on a possible break. Short is the only way for EUR/USD especially as EUR enters its seasonal downtrend beginning usually in December /January and holds until April / May when the slow uptrend begins again. Traditional big drops for EUR/USD are seen in January and most every year since 1999 introduction.

EUR/JPY is the only JPY cross pair to break its 5 year average at 124.32. Lower for EUR/JPY must break 124.32 and 123.71. Short term, EUR/JPY is deeply overbought. Medium and long term, EUR/JPY is fairly neutral. EUR/JPY next big line at the 14 year average is located at 128.63.

The 20 year range mid point is located at 126.65.
GBP/JPY 5 year average is located at 143.82 then 10 year at 148.04. GBP/JPY 143.82 Vs EUR/JPY 124.32. EUR/JPY ranges are far smaller than traditional JPY cross pair leader, GBP/JPY so EUR/JPY is viewed as EUR/USD and its short.

AUD/USD 5 year average is located 0.7285 and hasn’t moved 1 pip since weeks ago reported to 5 year averages. Lower for AUD/USD must break 0.7285 and 0.7211. This line at 0.7211 is rising fast to meet 0.7285. If 0.7211 rises above 0.7285 then possible reconsideration to targets however AUD is deeply overbought from 0.6800’s to 0.7200’s and the 20 year mid point is located at 0.7641.

NZD/USD 5 year average is located at 0.6816 and a 3 pip move since last reported to 5 year averages. Lower for NZD must break 0.6816 and 0.6793. Like AUD, 0.6793 is rising fast. Current target for 0.6816 is 0.7155. Current NZD is richter scale overbought daily and weekly. Longer term, NZD is massive overbought from 0.6500;s to 0.6700;s. The 20 year mid point range to averages is located 0.6905.

NZD/USD 20 year mid point 0.6905 Vs AUD/USD at 0.7641.

GBP/USD 5 year average is located at 1.3104. Lower for GBP/USD must break 1.3104 and 1.3116. This line at 1.3116 rose fast and now trades above the 5 year average. However 1.3116 is massive overbought and targets lower to 1.3200’s. Target at the 5 year average is located at 1.3760. The next big break for GBP/USD is located at 1.3560.
Current GBP/USD daily and weekly is also massive overbought.

GBP/USD 20 year mid point is located at 1.4310. Why high is averages still feel the effects of the brexit drop 3 years ago. Averages dropped about 1000 pips over 3 years.
GBP/AUD 5 year average is located at 1.8469 and 1.9261 for GBP/NZD. For GBP/NZD higher must break 1.8261 and 1.9316. Current GBP/NZD is massive oversold and explains NZD/USD deeply overbought.

EUR/AUD higher must break 1.6341 and a break will force AUD/USD Lower to break its 5 year average at 0.7285. Then 0.7211.

Despite 5 year average breaks, the cross pairs fail to follow.

Beginning week mentioned to much wider ranges for this week and we’ve seen much wider trading ranges.

Brian Twomey #fx