Here’s where life gets interesting. USD/BRL is always top because it trades with a 5 handle. Current 5.4181.

USD/PLN. Normally trades with a 3 or 4 handle. Current 3.7241.

USD/RON and USD/MYR trade with a 3 or 4 handle. USD/RON current 4.0024

USD/MYR. Current 4.0505

USD/RON and USD/MYR currently are kissing cousins and ready for a crossover break out.

USD/PLN. Normally always assumes the middle position between USD/BRL and USD/RON and USD/MYR.

The lineup BRL 5 Vs PLN 3 or 4 V RON and MYR at 3 or 4.

Over the past month, BRL was the big winner trade as it bounced off USD/PLN. For PLN despite middle position mves extremely well and is usually 2nd to big winners but it competes with USD/RON.

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Brian Twomey

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