USD/RON Vs USD/MYR Crossovers

USD/RON Vs USD/MYR. For MYR is the Malaysian Ringgit and a dead mover currency pair while USD/RON is the Romanian Leu and moves really well.

Both exchange rates are practically the same and trade with 3.0 handle. The trade for USD/RON is the measure against slow mover USD/MYR.

USD/RON on January 5th crossed above USD/MYR. For USD/MYR traded 3.9953 and USD/RON at 3.9574 or ab average of 189 pips.

This means 1.9763 becomes the crossover point. USD/RON today traded highs at 4.0015 or + 225 pips.

USD/MYR remained dead.

A laugh. See FXstreet headlines today. MUFG bank saysCurrent account deficit will underpin the Ringgit. The Ringgit has been underpinned for centuries as a dead issue to trade.

Here’s longs and shorts for USD/RON from January 4 to 10

Click to enlarge

Brian Twomey

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