EUR/CAD: Exchange Rates Predict Exchange Rates

If EUR/CAD as a day trade Friday was offered from straight interest rates, the presentation would look like this: but with a slight problem as I am using Friday interest rates so a 6 pip difference exist from Thursday to Friday interest rates. Daily, I must change interest rates.

The purpose for today is to test exchange rates predict exchange rates as a permanent strategy Vs straight interest rates as the better methodology. Straight interest rates has been the method since the central banks revamped interest rates in 2016.

As an aside issue, my friend Moorad Choudhry known to me as Mr. Moorad due to my deep respect for him, asks for me to publish my interest rate strategies as a Working Paper. Mr. Moorad trains future Treasury Candidates to serve in central banks and high level positions. Mr. Moorad is a literal God of markets over many, many years.

So far, exchange rates predict exchange rates is 1 trade for 100 + pips then exit and complete within the day trade time frame. The trade is perfectly accurate. The straight interest rate trade is equally accurate and done within the day trade time frame but multiple steps are involved.

More information is known to the straight interest rate trade to support and resistance points and to entries and exists. The straight interest rate trade provides multiple longs and shorts.

Both trades are safe and profitable because interest rates are still the overall trade method.
Trader preference today is the exchange rate predicts exchange rate method because of the simple presentation to entry and exit. While straight interest rates requires explanation and understanding due because traders are so accustomed to modern day charts, Fibs and modern day methods. Traders haven’t seen anything like the straight interest rate method.



Long short line 1.4979

Most Important 1.4918 and 1.4940 Vs 1.4988, 1.4998, 1.5017, 1.5026, 1.5036, 1.5045, 1.5055

Bottom. 1.4903 achieves by 1.4922 and 1.4988.

Upper target 1.5055

Continuation fail 1.5017.

Exchange Rates predict Exchange Rates

1.5042 to 1.4889

Actual 1.4997 1.4893. Target off by 4 pips.
+104 pips

Straight interest Rates

Conceivably, long above 1.4979, +19 pips but a topside failure.

Short 1.4979, target 1.4903 +76 pips.
Long 1.4909 to target 1.4922.

Actual lows 1. 4894, highs 1.4915. +21 pips.

Break bottom 1.4909 is automatic long and free money as price must trade back inside and above 1.4909. Had price hit 1.4903 exactly then 1.4922 would’ve traded.

Conceivably, 3 trades 100 + pips vs 104 pips and 1 trade for Exchange Rates predict Exchange Rates.

Exchange rates predict Exchange rates eliminates extra trades, precision and more price information yet is it the smartest and most profitable. Or is the multiple trade method best from straight interest rates.

Overall purpose to day trades is extra weekly pips rather than the primary trade method due to trade of 18 weekly currency pairs. The more exact, easy and profitable trades are weeklies. Why I instruct traders never to get greedy or hold out for the last day trade pip. Be happy with extra profits and go without question, especially when the profits come easy.

Bunches more Exchange Rate predicts Exchange rate trades will be offered for many more currency pairs. I’m fairly certain so far JPY cross pairs will factor perfectly. Not sure to USD vs Non USD such as EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF.

2 currency pairs I don’t like by any methods are EUR/GBP, CAD/CHF and not sure the need to trade AUD/NZD. EUR/GBP and CAD/CHF share opposite positions and serve EUR/USD as supports while CAD/CHF serves USD/CAD as resistance. Both are far off kilter to EUR/USD and USD/CAD. Neither contain ranges enough to trade on its own for a weekly or day trade. Plus both are 0 point currencies. No need ever exists to trade 0 point currencies.

O point currencies speculatively were born and conceived to contain tiny ranges with a purpose to employ as the forecast currency.

Also anxious to offer EM currencies USD/PLN, USD/RON, USD/HUF and others.

Most comfortable so far with Exchange Rates predict Exchange Rates to EUR/AUD, GBP/AUD, EUR/NZD, GBP/NZD, EUR/CAD, GBP/CAD.

Last question is to day trade process as the method remains and will always remain interest rates as the foundation to day trades. Can I offer more day trade pairs quicker by Exchange Rates predict Exchange rates. Interest rate day trades still must enter data every trade day.

To factor 9 day trades daily, takes about 1 hour by the straight interest rate method while the 5 day trades offered yesterday took about 10 minutes to factor.

Interested in further to Exchange Rates predict Exchange Rates see the site for EUR predicts EUR, AUD predicts AUD, NZD predicts NZD. Today’s Exchange Rates predict Exchange rates was derived from those concepts. Took much work and research but explains expertise and profits.

Brian Twomey

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