Gold Vs DXY and USD/CHF

The Gold Price is Fixed twice daily by auction, 10:30 am and 3:00 Pm EST. We’re dealing with 1781.80 for USD, 1477.29 EUR and 1285.39 GBP.

DXY 90.83 is our price and a 46 pip range or 92 total. GOLD total is 18 pips.

DXY bottom is located at 90.37 and 1772.89 for GOLD and alternative at 1767.09


Long Gold 1772.89 to target 1781.89 for 9 points. Short 1790.80 to target 1784.80

DXY long 90.37 to target 90.81. Short 91.29 to target 91.06

DXY for Gold larger range 1759.73 and 1803.87

USD/CHF for Gold larger range 1804.65 and 1758.95

USD/CHF Bottom will hit at 0.9101 then long and target around 0.9148.

Brian Twomey

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