FX Weekly

Overbought GBP/AUD correlates to GBP/USD at 5% and -91% to AUD/USD. Deeply oversold GBP/USD and AUD/USD Correlate together at a low +35%. GBP/AUD is correct to AUD/USD.

GBP/AUD 2 big lines below located at 1.8316 and 1.8320 while the top is located at 1.8950. Short is the only trade.

AUD/USD 5 year average approaches at 0.7326 from the close at 0.7391.

Oversold USD/JPY matches oversold to JPY cross pairs while USD/CHF sits dead above vital 0.9133. USD/CAD as opposite currency to USD/JPY and USD/CHF, begins the week miles overbought.

Gold traded 43 points last week from 1.1791.59 to 1835.01. Gold’s best trade day was Wednesday at 25 points, Friday ay 22 and 19 points Tuesday.

Week 2 to deep oversold EUR/USD as long is the only trade strategy as well as AUD/USD.

USD for EM is again deeply overbought beginning with USD/DKK, USD/HRK, USD/HUF is massive overbought, USD/MYR and USD/RON, Great short for USD/PLN,

USD/TRY and USD/ZAR are both deeply oversold while USD/CNY holds above vital 6.4656. Nothing special to USD/BRL as longs are located at 5.1071 and 5.0815 to target 5.1585 easily.

Trade strategy for above overbought pairs are short anywhere as entry doesn’t matter.

Note USD/CAD massive overbought follows USD for EM while USD/JPY and USD/CHF are trackers to DXY rather than EM.

Brian Twomey

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