At the center of day and 24 hour trades are opposite currency pairs. In today’s example GBP/AUD Vs AUD/GBP. AUD/GBP is termed a legacy currency because before March 1983 when AUD achieved free float status, AUD/GBP was fixed for 150 years to GBP and London FX markets.

The setup as shown many times covers every financial instrument on the planet as the set up is writtem in mathematical stone as intoduced by central bankers. Anyone can set this up and trade perfectly and profitably day and 24 hour trades.


Most Important 0.5235, 0.5241, 0.5244 0.5248, and 0.5251 Vs 0.5265, 0.5268, 0.5271, 0.5275, 0.5282, 0.5285 and 0.5289

All perfectly factored levels are covered for today.

Bottom. 0.5235 achieves by 0.5248 and 0.5241

Upper target 0.5289
Continuation fail 0.5275

5 most vital levels for today 0.5235, 0.5244, 0.5251, 0.5275 and 0.5289. This translates to GBP/AUD as 1.9102, 1.9069, 1.9043, 1.8957, 1.8907.

As AUD/GBP rises then GBP/AUD trades lower.


Same exact set up

Most Important 1.8905, 1.8929, 1.8935, 1.8953, 1.8960 Vs 1.9013, 1.9025, 1.9037, 1.9049, 1.9073, 1.9085 and 1.9097

All perfectly factored levels are covered for today. Any level mentioned not in the price path is wrong. Levels are moor and major. The 5 most vital are major while the remainder are minor.

Bottom. 1.8905 achieves by 1.8929 and 1.8953

Upper target 1.9097
Continuation fail 1.9049

5 most vital levels: 1.8905, 1.8935, 1.8960, 1.9049 and 1.9097.

Translates to AUD/GBP as 0.5289, 0.5281, 0.5274, 0.5249 and 0.5236.

AS GBP/AUD rises then AUD/GBP drops.

The world of currency trading continues by EUR/USD Vs USD/AUD, GBP/USD Vs USD/GBP, EUR/JPY Vs JPY/EUR.

Never a stop, chart, and god forbid Fibs. Apply Fibonacci then lost is maximum potential to profit.

Brian Twomey

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