DXY Vs S&P’s Day Trade

DXY closed 92.83. Daily range 47 pips. What is 92.83?

Its 0.9283 divide 2 = 4641 to be exact or 46 pips.

Then 0.4641 divide 2 = 0.2320 or 23 pips then 11 pips and 5 pips. Each divisional point represents a support or resistance.

So DXY 47 pips = 92.83 or 0.9283 + 47 = 9330 or 93.30.
DXY subtract 47 pips = 92.36 or 0.9236.

S&P’s Cash, must use Cash. Closed 4496.19. and daily range 22.49 points.

Bottom 4473.70 and long. Top 4518.68 and short.
DXY bottoms at 92.36 as S&P’s top at 4518.68

Or DXY tops at 93.30 as S+P bottoms at 4473.
Double trade, double profits.

Breakdown 22.49 for support and resistance points. They change so must factor everyday. 22.49 becomes 11.24, then 5.62.

See DXY and S&P support and resistance are the exact same.

This is how to trade DXY with American stock markets and any financial instrument.
DXY and currencies are not only vital to financial markets but just as important for forecasts to any financial instrument.

EUR/USD divide 2
GBP/USD divide 2,
USD/CHF divide 2.

Then match to stock market or any financial instrument ranges and many trades exist and never lose.

Simple if one knows what they are are doing,

Brian Twomey

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