AUD/GBP main point to trade higher is located at 0.5360. AUD/GBP trades current 0.5283. GBP/AUD main point to trade lower is located at 1.8664. GBP/AUD trades above at 1.8926.
Both GBP/AUD and AUD/GBP trade at separate levels to major high / low points. Same predicament for AUD/EUR and EUR/AUD as EUR/AUD trades above while AUD/EUR trades below. Same predicament for every currency pair on the planet.

GBP/AUD daily range is located at 96 pips or X 2 then 192 pips. Ever see GBP/AUD trade 192 pips on 1 trade day. May never see it again. AUD/GBP daily range is located at 27 pips or X 2 = 54 pips. may never see AUD/GBP trade 54 pips ever again.

Overnight, AUD/GBP traded from 0.5289 to 0.5277 or 12 pips while GBP/AUD traded from 1.8907 to 1.8950 or 43 pips. Id AUD/GBP traded a wider range then GBP/AUD would’ve traded a wider range.

At 1.8907 was yesterday’s GBP/AUD bottom price at AUD/GBP 0.5289. GBP/AUD dropped while AUD/GBP rose. AUD/GBP is the containment to movement to GBP/AUD as USD/EUR contains EUR/USD.

GBP/AUD and AUD/GBP will always trade within its stated day trade orbit. Rare day to see a currency price trade outside its respective ranges. All information is known in advance so never a need for stops, charts and all the rest.

GBP/AUD range yesterday was 1.8907 to 1.9045. The potential was 1.8905 to 1.9097.
Ay yesterday’s 10:00 Am hour GBP/AUD dropped to 1.8885. The 10 am hour of trade works on a different set of prices. Yesterday day trade operated in the 2:30 to 100:00 day trade time. This is the primo and only time to trade. At 10:00 am, Traders are shooting in the dark for entries and targets.

GBP/AUD bottom yesterday was located at 1.8905 while AUD/GBP was located at 1.8907. A 2 pips differential. A 2 pip differential is built into the system of opposite currencies. EUR/USD Vs USD/EUR contains a 2 pip difference, GBP/USD Vs USD/GBP 2 pips, JPY/USD and USD/JPY 2 pips. This 2 pips is created by central banks.


AUD/GBP informs today GBP/AUD ranges are located at 1.9043 to 1.8900 and 1.8850.
What changed since 24 hours ago, 55 pips difference. GBP/AUD top is dropping while the bottom also drops but much more than yesterday. This informs short tops as GBP/AUD is heading much lower.

Brian Twomey

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