18 Currency Pair Trade Rankings Review

To 18 currency pair trade rankings, forecasts and commentary. As written Sunday, AUD/USD best pair to trade. AUD/USD traded 163 pips and NZD/USD slight beat by 166 pips.

Stated EUR/USD was next. EUR/USD traded 82 pips this week. However the week is still very young and a long way to go.

EUR/AUD was 3rd in the rankings and traded 242 pips and beat GBP/AUD’s 220 pips by 22 pips.
USD/JPY oversold and traded 80 pips and EUR/USD 82.

NZD/JPY best JPY cross pair and traded 202 pips. Then CAD/JPY and AUD/JPY. CAD/JPY traded 207 pips to AUD/JPY 195. CAD/JPY beat NZD/JPY by 5 pips and AUD/JPY was correct as 3rd position. EUR/JPY was last to rankings and traded 132 pips. Correct.

GBP/USD range problems and traded 157 pips. GBP/CHF range problems and traded 132 pips. Normally stand clear to range problem currency pairs as they don’t perform as expected. GBP/USD and GBP/CHF good examples. However GBP/CHF last 3 weeks performed extremely well and never exclude this pair for trade consideration. And its the best pair in the CHF line up.

As written, GBP/CAD beats GBP/AUD. GBP/CAD traded 214 pips to GBP/AUD 220. Wrong by 6 pips.

Don’t bother trading AUD/CAD. Correct. AUD/CAD traded 67 pips. GBP/CAD is the big mover in the CAD ross pair space.

As written, NZD/CHF 1st then AUD/CHF but AUD/CHF may be the better trade. AUD/CHF traded 137 pips and NZD/CHF 138. Wrong, both were good trades.

As written, both EUR/AUD and GBP/AUD great trades. Correct.

EUR/NZD 291 pips this week and GBP/NZD 270. As written, EUR/NZD better trade. Correct.
Problem pair USD/CHF traded lower 68 pips then 66 pips higher. Stand clear USD/CHF.

NZD/USD as 2nd traded 166 pips and AUD/USD as 3rd traded 163 pips.

USD/CAD overbought traded 254 pips and beat CAD/JPY 207. USD/CAD must always beat CAD/JPY.

CAD/CHF massive oversold traded 142 pips.

USD/CAD, CAD/JPY and CAD/CHF perfect and operated on all cylinders. USD/CAD must beat its trade partners.

EUR/CAD not listed in the weekly trades, traded 226 pips Vs GBP/CAD 214.

Weekly Trades
Enter Sunday, exit Friday unless targets achieve sooner. Yesterday to start Asia trade, AUD/USD at 0.7274 and NZD/USD 0.6967. On Wednesday, what could be done with both pairs? Nothing and no trade existed. Best is a quick day trade for 20 and 30 pips as no such concept exist to weekly trades on Wednesday as 2 profit days were missed and the currency pairs were well on their way to targets.

Brian Twomey

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