EUR/USD for ECB and USD/JPY Trade Results

As written Sunday, USD/JPY targets 110.34 and 110.41 then short to target 109.89

Highs 110.43, Perfect.

From USD/JPY Sunday open at 109.68, +73 Pips.

Then short 110.41 to target 109.89

Lows 109.89. Perfect. +52 pips.

2 trades, 4 days, +125 pips.

USD/JPY weekly Range 109.58 to 110.43 or 85 pips. from 85 pip range, profit +125 pips.

Weekly trade profits run +50% to 70ish% pips to all traded weekly pips. We profit at least 50% of all traded pips for weekly trades, sometimes more, other times much more.

Weekly trade profits doesn’t include day trades. Include day trades then profits are much more than +125 pips and just as accurate as weekly trades.

As usual, no stops, charts, graphs, Fibs and no technical analysis. We left technical analysis 10 years ago when trade losses mounted and we realized technical analysis was a failure all around.

USD/JPY was a guaranteed trade so no reason to watch screens all day.

Sunday, CHF/JPY 119.88 broke lower to 119.48 weekly lows so far for +40 pips.


Yesterday’s big break line for higher was located at 1.1869. Today the line is located at 1.1870.

As written yesterday, 1.1851 and day trade 1.1854 was in the reversal zone and EUR/USD could trade much lower. EUR/USD traded to 1.1851 yesterday and achieved lows at 1.1801 or 50 pips.

EUR/USD is located in a fairly neutral position.

For ECB, long 1.1775 and 1.1784 to target 1.1836 easily for a quick 52 pips.

Day trade lows are located at 1.1763 and 1.1778 while highs are located at 1.1883 and 1.1875 on a break of 1.1853. Higher assumes break of 1.1870 and a big hurdle. The ECB safe trade is the best option.

USD/CAD remain the best short trade to enter anywhere to target lower 1.2600’s.

The Currency Price 00’s.

GBP/USD low price today is located at 1.3700. AUD/USD topside targets 0.7400. NZD/USD first price in the overall price path is 0.7100.

The currency price at 00’s trades frequently and the number holds no significance as it is just a number.

Brian Twomey