CAD/CHF as written Sunday, Long Anywhere or 0.7225 to target 0.7276. CAD/CHF yesterday traded straight to 0.7288 for + 46 pips from 0.7230. CAD/CHF dead stopped for the day at 0.7299

CAD/JPY Long Anywhere or 86.46 to target 87.19. CAD/JPY traded straight up to 87.07 or 52 pips.

Deeply overbought USD/CAD traded to 1.2637 lows or 51 pips and tracking with CAD/JPY.

USD/CAD achieved highs at 1.2794 and trade instruction to short anywhere.

CAD/CHF now decides in a do or die situation to break above 0.7293 to higher targets at 0.7318 or trade to 0.7253 as written Sunday.

CAD/JPY also must decide to break above 87.38 to target 87.81 or trade lower to 86.88. As written, CAD/JPY achieved lower target at 86.88.

CAD/CHF 0.7293 and CAD/JPY 87.38 are crucial points to USD/CAD lower and higher targets to CAD/CHF and CAD/JPY. USD/CAD remains overbought and targets easily 1.2601.

CAD/CHF 0.7230 and USD/GBP 0.7234 held CAD/CHF and USD/GBP higher which translates as CAD/CHF higher and GBP/USD higher, USD/CAD lower. GBP/USD achieved highs for the week at 1.3882. As USD/CAD trades short, GBP/USD traveled long.

USD/JPY as written Friday, same trade as last week by short 110.36 and 110.42 to target 109.82. Never much happening here to USD/JPY. Watch those yields.

CAD/EM and G28 as CAD/JPY and CAD/CHF traded higher to include vital currency and severely overbought CAD/ZAR. CAD/ZAR higher as the perfect opposite to EUR/USD explains lower EUR/USD for the week to achieve 1.1769 lows.

EUR/USD big break is located at 1.1866 and day trade top today is located at 1.1871. EUR/USD shorts today are located at 1.1856 to target 1.1818.


AUD/USD trades below rising line at 0.7439 and AUD/EUR trades below vital 0.6268 or EUR/AUD 1.5954. Both AUD/USD and AUD/EUR are correct to positions as well as EUR/AUD.
EUR/AUD at 1.6100’s begins overbought while AUD/EUR at lower 0.6200’s and higher 0.6100’s starts oversold. Higher EUR/AUD then short and long AUD/USD and AUD/EUR.

Target trading begins almost year 10 since 2011 and 2012. Triangulation trades or trade of 3 currency pairs contains many, many examples on my blog for interested. The trade of 3 pairs to triangulate allows a deeper view to price targets and lends much confidence and profits to trades with understanding to how and what is traded.

Brian Twomey

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