USD/JPY as written Sunday, Short at 114.33 to target 113.28 then 112.87. Highs located at 114.43 and lows achieved 113.45 so far for +98 pips and a 1 day trade. Today’s highs are located again at 114.43 and 114.35 then short to target 113.36 and 113.29. And maintain the short only program until targets achieves light years lower.

Note GBP/AUD sitting on supports at 1.8090 and 1.7932 as written Sunday. GBPAUD rose 162 pips this week. Seen GBP/AUD on anyone’s radar. No. Your Fx leaders, analysts and webinar officionados are busy still trying to hit the same 20 pip trade from years ago.

AUD/USD yesterday from 0.7460 shorts as written achieved easily 0.7424 and lows at 0.7419. All received a gift of 5 extra pips.

AUD/USD traded 40 ish pips for RBA. That’s 40 pips to include all economic forecasts from the past. They call it macro today and it doesn’t profit 1 pip. If GDP is released today, then run the data for forecast to know where the price will trade upon release. Problem with this its no longer required to perform such unnecessary tasks and not even the macro people run data. What good is GDP overall in the written word.
GBP/USD day trade then and ow

Day trades in 1975 were written in interest rate stone and nothing changed today. Nothing will change in year 2025, 4000. Daily count by fingers and characteristics to each currency pair also remains a constant and will never change. AUD/USD and NZD/USD are lumped together as if they are the same currency pair. Not even close to the truth as light years of difference exits.

Take it from not only a 17 year trader but a 17 year researcher in all aspects of FX. I drilled down deep enough to the currency price to know how to day trade by counting fingers. Next is weekly trades to count by fingers.

Its all central bank driven and the ECB is not only the joker but leader of the central bank pack.
GBP/USD 5 vital numbers for today: 1.3562, 1.3589, 1.3602, 1.3665 and 1.3701. GBP/USD as reported Sunday is deeply oversold. Long is the only trade, don’t wait and don’t sit on the sidelines.

Long Term Trades GBP/AUD, EUR/NZD, CAD/CHF and GBP/NZD


Higher for GBP/AUD tough resistance is located at 1.8250, 1.8341 and 1.8385, 1.8403, 1.8456 and below at 1.8195 1.8091 then 1.7934. Nothing special to a long term target as GBP/AUD will range range however in large ranges. A terrific currency pair to trade.


EUR/NZD was hit extraordinarily hard as the 10 year average broke lower from 1.6400’s and traded to 1.6081 lows. Long term targets assumes the 10 year breaks higher to target 1.6490, 1.6522, 1.6555 then 1.6697. EUR/NZD has since recovered from 1.6081 lows to trade highs at 1.6321. Short term EUR/NZD remains deeply oversold and a long only strategy.


Opposite pair to USD/CAD. Higher CAD/CHF equates to lower USD/CAD. Nothing special to CAD/CHF. Lower vitals include 0.7209, 0.7240, 0.7257, 0.7290 then 0.7329 and 0.7371. CAD/CHF serves its purpose currently as a weekly trade.


GBP/NZD broke its 5 year average at 1.9137 and traded to 1.8900 lows and since recivered to 1.9158. GBP/NZD higher must again break 1.9137 to target 1.9262, 1.9279 and 1.9397. GBP/NZD runs into a brick wall at 1.9412, 1.9467 and 1.9488. Oversold GBP/NZD best strategy is long only amd a weekly target at 1.9317.

Brian Twomey

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