The Gold price as highlighted many times on these pages is derived from the London, Bullion Markets Association since the 1700’s. Gold and Silver are currencies used since biblical days.

Today’s currencies and prices are derived from either Silver or Gold upon transition to exchange rates. Gold, Silver and metals are actually currencies under a different name and no different from the exchange rates we know today. All are inter related and deeply connected. The names and numbers were changed to protect the innocent.

USD/JPY and Asia for example are Silver currencies. JPY/USD for example is currently priced at 0.0087535 Vs current Silver 0.0397614. Imperative to take JPY/USD to 7 decimal places. South, Central America and Mexican currencies are Silver currencies.

Europe and Euro are Gold Currencies as well as Canada and DXY. Although DXY with an exchange rate at 95.48 or 0.010473 at current prices is arguably a Silver Currency. For 0 Point currencies are distinguished by Silver and 1 Point currencies as Gold.

Gold/ Silver Ratio

Divide Gold by Silver and the Gold/Silver Ratio is established for USD or any currency’s Gold divided by Silver prices.

Gold and Silver yearly Ranges

Gold Yearly Range 1972.80 to 1679.92 or 292 Points or 24 points per month. No excitement here. Silver 1 Year Range 30.09 to 21.38 or 8.71 Points or not even 1 point per month.

August 2021 as Written

Here’ Gold’s lineup: 1510.03 at the 5 year average then 1557.30, 1615.43, 1747.80 and 1839.59. Gold held the 5 year average and traded higher and known since August at the 5 year average. At 292 points per year, how much did the 5 year average change. Hardly if any movements.

Gold Currencies and Day Trades

Today’s day trade prices per currency and levels, ranges and targets below.

Gold/ Silver Ratio 75.12. Range 30 day = 73.45 to 76.17. Range 1 year 80.23 to 64.43.
Gold/ Silver Ratio Trade

Long 74.44 to target 74.93. Long above 75.12 to target 75.51. Short 75.51 to target 75.32.

CHF Gold = 55196.45. Highest priced due to 274 point daily range.

NZD Gold = 2652.73

NZD Gold Trade
Long 2639.46 to target 2646.09. Long above 2652.73 to target 2667.00. Short 2667.00 to target 2660.36.

AUD Gold Trade

AUD 2541.19. Long 2528.48 to target 2534.83. Long above 2541.19 to target 2553.90. Short 2553.90 to target 2547.54.

CAD Gold Trade

CAD 2334.73. Long 2323.05 to target 2328.99. Long above 2334.73 to target 2346.41. Short 2346.41 to target 2340.57.

USD Gold Trade

USD 1866.57. Long 1857.23 to target 1861.90. Long above 1866.57 to target 1875.91. Short 1875.91 to target 1871.24.

EUR Gold Trade

EUR 1639.03. Long 1630.83 1634.93. Long above 1639.03 to target 1647.23. Short 1647.23 to target 1643.13.

GBP Gold

GBP 1388.96. Long 1382.01 to target 1385.48. Long above 1388.96 to target 1395.91. Short 1395.91 to target 1392.43.

USD Gold Vs EUR and CAD

USD Gold 1866 trades between 2 Gold brothers at EUR 1639.03 and above at CAD 2334 yet USD gold is 3rd from the bottom as compared to all Gold Currencies.

Each Gold price in respective currencies offers next supports and resistance levels.

A Gold or Silver price cannot outperform the respective currency price.


Gold supports and resistance points breaks down as 18.68, 14.01, 9.34, 4.67, 2.33.

For true experts, Gold is traded in relation to the respective currency price since the Gold price is located inside the currency price. This way, profits are earned by the exchange rate and Gold price.

USD Gold for example bottom by DXY is located 1771.

Brian Twomey

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